'Property Brothers' Jonathan Scott Talks 'Incredible' Love With Zooey Deschanel and If They’ll Wed (Exclusive)

From their flirtatious first meeting to whether they'll tie the knot, the star opened up about his special love with the actress.

Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott is opening up about his “incredible” love with actress Zooey Deschanel, from their flirtatious first meeting on Carpool Karaoke: The Series, to why the romance is unlike any of his past relationships and whether the two will tie the knot -- or even elope!

ET’s Lauren Zima caught up with the reality star, his twin brother, Drew Scott, and Drew’s wife, Linda Phan, for a revealing chat about love, romance and marriage. And, when it came to whether Jonathan would consider tying the knot with Zooey on the same level as Drew and Linda’s super-glam 2018 wedding, he joked he might have other plans. 

“Their wedding was the most beautiful, amazing, incredible thing ever,” Jonathan, 41, says. “The bar has been raised so high. Maybe I'll just elope!”

“No, I mean right now we’re just reveling in the fact that we love each other madly and were still discovering each other,” he adds about Zooey, 40. “It's the most incredible relationship ever, so we’re content in that. I've never experienced [this] before in my life.”

Jonathan and Zooey met while filming an upcoming episode of Carpool Karaoke: The Series, a spinoff of the Carpool Karaoke segment on The Late Late Show With James Corden. Jonathan and Drew appeared on the episode, alongside Zooey and her actress sister, Emily Deschanel. Although Jonathan has little recollection of how visibly into Zooey he was at the time, it was clear to producers who later watched the footage.

“We like to joke because we met on Carpool Karaoke and I was pretty chill and she was being super-friendly and a little flirty, [but] she's like, ‘What are you talking about? You were super-flirty,’” Jonathan shares. “I'm like, ‘No, no, no, you were more flirty.’ The producers came back and said that I was flirting so bad that they had to edit down the cut, so when you watch Carpool Karaoke, it looks like she's a little more [flirty] but apparently if you watch the full cut, it would be me. I'm smoother in my head than I am in real life.”

Whether they were aware of it or not, their combined flirting led to a special romance, with the pair making their red carpet debut in November. Jonathan now describes their relationship as unlike any other he has ever been in. “We literally laugh nonstop,” he shares. “All the time. So, having that ability to really entertain each other is great. And, I'm a romantic guy -- I like to do romantic things -- [but] I've never been in a relationship where that is given back to me. So, it's really the perfect balance.”

“I've never been with somebody who gets along as well with the people I care about,” Jonathan says. “Who shows me daily that she loves me and I love her in return. I love the fact that a year ago I would've never thought I was on this path with somebody who I'm madly in love with. It's very exciting.”

Drew and Linda couldn’t be more thrilled about the relationship, and have been enjoying fun game nights, laughs and escape room visits with Jonathan and Zooey. Drew, 41, says that he hasn’t seen Jonathan so happy “in years.”

“Seeing someone that's receptive and wants to do those little extra things for him -- someone who wants to spend time with the family,” he says. “And, I love Yorkshire pudding and let me tell you, Zooey has made me Yorkshire pudding many times already, so she's in the good books. Before she even met our parents, she sang my dad's favorite song to him over FaceTime.”

While it seems like Jonathan and Zooey's relationship is blossoming nicely, the couple also have Drew and Linda to look to if they ever need romance inspo! Drew revealed one of the many cute gestures that he and Linda share every day.

“We have a shared note on our iPhones and every day or every other day, we add onto it, so we have this lifelong story over the years since we've met, like drawing a little funny picture based on something that we did that day,” he says. “For example, Linda was talking about the Leaning Tower of Pisa but she loves pizza, so I turned her into a leaning tower of pizza -- little things like that. We have this long love letter that is ongoing for the rest of our lives.”

That ever-growing iPhone note isn’t the only way that the couple’s lives are being documented. As well as their incredibly successful HGTV series, Jonathan and Drew now have new ventures which will see them sharing even more with fans, like their new magazine, Reveal.

The lifestyle publication has just released its first issue, which has Drew and Jonathan on the cover, and features with Zooey, as well as actress Kate Hudson.

“We feel we have this great connection with our audience, through the TV shows, and through Drew's podcast, so we thought this would be the perfect way to really get those aspirational images in front of people, but also showcase amazing designers we know, amazing chefs and people who can give you simple steps to improve your life,” Jonathan says. “There's a lot of design magazines that are pretty, but also pretty boring. We wanted to do something that’s just fun.”

“We wanted be able to showcase people that you see on TV every day or in the news -- showcase what they're like at home,” he adds. “You'll see those stories. There's hilarious lifestyle fail stories as well, so the first issue has Zooey Deschanel -- I may know her -- and she talks about how she inadvertently got thrust into a talent competition when she was younger, that she didn't realize was a talent competition. We want to show the fun side of life right down to when you're renovating your house. It should be fun.”

Responding to comparisons between Oprah Winfrey, who also has her own magazine, Drew noted how much of an inspiration the beloved star is.

“We have not met her, but she is an inspiration,” he says. “Her whole life is about inspiring other people to live their best life and that's what we love and that's what we try to do through our shows and through Reveal.”

If that’s not enough revealing from the stars and their famous friends, there’s also At Home With Linda and Drew Scott, the podcast which Drew has started with Linda.

“I wanted us to sit down and relax and actually talk to the people in our lives who inspire us and who we love,” Linda explains.

“We have a busy pace, so this is a nice way to slow us down,” Drew adds. “We love sharing stories with people, [and we’re] able to do that as part of At Home With Linda and Drew Scott. It's inviting inspiring people into our home and hearing their stories as well.”

As for how Drew and Jonathan juggle their many projects with their fabulous loves and other aspects of their personal lives, they recently discussed the matter with showbiz’s ultimate jack of all trades -- Ryan Seacrest.

“We were literally just talking to Ryan about that a couple of days ago,” Drew says. “For someone like him that's really, really busy too ... you thrive off of it. You love to stay busy, you love to see a passion of yours grow and I think we're exactly the same way. It doesn't feel like too much when you love what you do.”

“We're this perpetual motion machine because we can naturally divide and conquer!” Jonathan adds.

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