'RHOC' Alum Meghan King Reflects on Her Year of 'Exploration' and Empowering Other Women (Exclusive)

The former 'Real Housewives of Orange County' star is opening up about her experience with women, and leaning into growth.

Meghan King kicked off 2023 saying she wanted to "explore" her sexuality – and she’s doing just that. 

The former Real Housewives of Orange County star took to her blog at the beginning of the year and said she was focusing on "living authentically this year," has "eliminated all antidepressants and hormonal supplements," and will "explore [her] sexuality" if she wants to.

ET's Brice Sander spoke with King while attending the fourth anniversary celebration of The Sutton Concept, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Sutton Stracke's West Hollywood boutique.

King opened up about her experience with a woman and how she discussed more details about it on her podcast, Intimate Knowledge

"Well, on Intimate Knowledge, I talked about my experience going on a date, a three-day date with a woman in New York City and it was incredible," King said. "If you're more interested in, you know, what happened and how it ended up, you should listen to my podcast."

King's podcast, released earlier this year, delved into the topic. "I opened up my dating app to women," she shared. "We meet and I’ve never done this before and I have thought about [women]. Sometimes when I look at porn, I look at lesbian porn, but I never thought that my desires were to be with a woman."

"I'm like, 'What if there is something there? What if I am a lesbian? What if I'm bi?' So I meet this chick, we go to this party, and we decide to stay together in New York for three nights," she recalled. "The first night, the woman and I hook up at the Yale Club. So, we’re hooking up, we’re hooking up in bed, I’m like, 'This is fun or whatever.'"

"She told me she identified as bi, but had never been in a relationship with a woman," King said. "I don’t identify as bi and I had never, ever had an experience with a woman outside of a threesome and that had been many years, so I told this woman, 'I like you and hanging out with you, and you’re beautiful and fun and sexy, but the thing is I really like c**k and I can’t be in a monogamous relationship with a woman.'" 

The 38-year-old also opened up to ET about the upcoming season of RHOC, saying fans will be left "surprised."

"I'm a big fan of Tamra [Judge] being back on and, like, I’m excited to see how that plays out," King said. "She kind of gave me some info that I'm not allowed to share throughout the season and I got to say, knowing everyone on the cast -- not everyone, I don't know everyone on the cast -- but I know Heather [Dubrow], I know Tamra, I know Shannon [Beador]. I'm not surprised by anything Tamra said, but the thing is, viewers, will be surprised because they don't know them like I do."

In July 2022, Bravo announced that Judge would return to The Real Housewives of Orange County as a Housewife.

Taking to Twitter after the announcement was made on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Judge tweeted, "The Judge is back and drama’s in session." Judge first exited the show in early 2020, and after months of speculation, her return has been confirmed. 

King was famously married to former MLB star Jim Edmonds. The couple split in 2019 after five years of marriage and a cheating scandal that played out in public. The pair shares a daughter, Aspen, 5, and twin boys, Hart and Hayes, 4, and are currently in a custody battle. 

King provided ET with an update, saying, "Missouri's a 50/50 state, where I live. It's so interesting to me that he's trying to make it a big deal that he didn't get 50/50 custody and now he's trying to. It's like, why would you want to show that? And I think it's wonderful that my children's father wants to be in their life 50 percent of the time. Is he capable? We'll find out in the courts and I have full faith in the courts. Look at me, do I look like I’m worried? Do I look like I’m scared?"

Following their split, the RHOC alum went on to date, sharing some of the short-lived relationships on social media before marrying again, this time to attorney Cuffe Owens, the nephew of President Joe Biden. The couple's relationship played out fast -- they met over a dating app and got married after just a few months together back in October. The two announced their separation two months later.

"I just want the best for my kids and I think that is what's going to happen," she said. 

With everything she's been through, the reality star hopes to help other women reclaim their power through her new company, Gaia Haven Wellness.

"It's a women's growth retreat experience," she explains. "I had my first one in Sedona, the next one's going to be in Zermatt, Switzerland, this July, and it's about loving ourselves. I think, in my own experience, I forgot to love myself. I give myself fully to my children and prior to that fully to my husband, and now I'm in this moment of awakening where I am learning how to love myself and I’m trying to, not teach other women -- because I'm not an expert -- I bring in the experts to teach us all and help us learn how to develop tools in order to love ourselves and be the best women we can be."