Meghan King Edmonds Breaks Silence: Inside Jim Edmonds' Cheating Scandal and Divorce Drama

Meghan King and Jim Edmonds
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The 'Real Housewives of Orange County' couple has split after five years of marriage.

As Meghan King Edmonds and Jim Edmonds' marriage is imploding, allegations of affairs, subsequent denials, and comments from family members have come to light. Now, the 35-year-old Real Housewives of Orange County star has posted a blog post, titled "Broken," about the scandal, confirming their split. 

"Out of respect for my children and my family, I find it unnecessary to go into all the gritty details," she writes. "What I will say is that, in the wake of the sexting situation, my husband was drinking and partying with much younger women, including several of our babysitters, and I found this gallivanting inappropriate, immature, and downright odd. While I initially wrote it off because during several of these outings, his 22-year-old daughter was present, given his previous indiscretions, I was uncomfortable."

Meghan added that Jim was "lying" about his whereabouts and his company and deleting text conversations off his phone with "several of these young women." She also noted that Jim refused to include her on texts with their babysitter (not giving a name) after the pair was spotted at a hockey game together, which she called, "another major red flag."

Ultimately, Meghan noted that she was conflicted about whether or not her husband actually cheated, writing, "To be clear, I don’t know if Jim slept with our babysitter or whether they were just being exceedingly inappropriate by hanging out socially without either of them telling me (and Jim expressly lying to me about it). I’ve gone back and forth with my thoughts for a couple days but as I write this, I don’t think he did. But I still don’t understand why he’d lie. And why would she lie?"

She added that she later received a call from a reporter revealing that her husband of five years had filed for divorce. She claimed this was her first time hearing the news. 

"I’m disgusted by what has surfaced in the media. I love my husband and I’m devastated that our marriage is being broken up in the ugliest and messiest way," Meghan writes. "I am sad that members of Jim’s family are reveling in our demise. And I am saddest for the children. My step kids, Landon and Sutton, have lost a stepmother whom they love and will have to endure another divorce and broken home in their short lifetime. And my three babies who will likely never remember their parents being married."

The next day, her 49-year-old former baseball pro husband released a statement to Us Weekly about the on-going drama, calling this time "one of the most emotionally exhausting sleepless five days of my life." He went on to note that the last few years have been difficult for himself and his wife, adding, "At times we are exhausted and feel our life has become one of distrust, kids, work, house, sleep and repeat."

He also claimed that he knew nothing of the drama until the media reported it. 

"It saddens me tremendously that my wife is hurt," the statement reads. "After having a few days to digest the situation, I realize that something that occurred in a split second spiraled out of control with no way to stop it. We were both separately surprised to find out that the media had received details of our private situation without our knowledge."

He goes on to offer some hope for the couple's relationship, saying, "We both carry an extremely large load and most of our issues could have been worked out if we had more more time for us. With our busy careers and the addition of our son’s medical needs, we were lacking quality time together."

He concluded the statement by saying, "I love my family and will make it right again.”

Jim has already made several public comments on social media prior to releasing the official statement. ET has reached out to the couple for comment. 

Meghan and Jim tied the knot in 2014 and share 2-year-old daughter Aspen and 1-year-old twins Hart and Hayes. 

The incident is the latest in a very public history of alleged infidelity between the reality TV couple. Here's how the situation has unfolded so far. 

Past Allegations

Back in June, Meghan spoke out in another revealing blog post, titled "I'm Sad," about a report that Jim had cheated on her while she was pregnant with the couple's twins, Hart and Hayes. The report claimed that Jim had allegedly cheated with the same woman while he was married to his second wife, Allison Raski. 

"I found out the same way you guys did: in the tabloids. I never left a voicemail for the other woman," Meghan wrote at the time. "I called Jimmy and he confessed to me that he had exchanged lewd photos with this woman over the course of several months and a physical relationship never existed. He paid her off to protect me so I’d never find out."

Noting that she doesn't "trust him anymore," Meghan added, "Now my wedding ring symbolizes fraud." 

The allegations came around the same time that the couple was concerned that their son, Hart, might have a neurological disorder. 

Split Reports

Us Weekly was first to report on Oct. 25 that Jim filed for divorce following an alleged argument between the couple just one day after the pair's five-year wedding anniversary. 

According to the outlet, the pair had been fighting over Jim attending a hockey game with their nanny, Carly Wilson, and accusing him of having an affair with her. 

A Raw Selfie

Shortly after the reports began surfacing, Meghan posted a selfie to her Instagram account writing, "So raw??." 

Several Real Housewives stars quickly took to the comments section to offer Meghan their support. 

Kyle Richards wrote, "He is a real POS who will never change. YOU on the other hand are young , beautiful and smart. You are way better off even though I know that is hard to see right now ❤️?."

Tamra Judge added, "Big hugs ? You are a strong woman Megs . Love you you."

The Denials

Before setting his Instagram account to private, Jim posted a lengthy denial, defending the couple's nanny. 

"It’s one thing to be accused of something. It’s another thing to be so negligent and so careless, and ruin the lives of innocent young people," he posted alongside a magazine cover from when he played with the St. Louis Cardinals. "I did not sleep with our nanny. She’s not just a nanny, she is someone that we brought into our house and promised to protect and look after while she was in our home. We have been treating and raising this young girl like she is our own child! For someone to accuse me of sleeping with her is not only wrong, it’s disgusting and irresponsible."

Though he didn't specifically name his wife in the post, Jim did write a seemingly pointed comment, saying, "Just because you’re extremely [witty] and intelligent, and know how to play the Instagram game, doesn’t give you the right to use that platform to wrongfully accuse. Not only is it irresponsible. It is dangerous and puts my family in harms way."

Wilson posted her own denial, adding, "In the past week, allegations have been made about me which are not based in fact. I have not and never would participate in any action involving infidelity. I consider this a private matter in someone else’s marriage and will not comment on it further. I wish the entire family well.??? #BeKind."

Jim's Daughter Speaks Out

Jim's daughter, Hayley, from a previous relationship also weighed in on the incident, taking her dad's side. 

"I’ve been waiting for it. For probably… three years?” Hayley told Us Weekly. “I think it’s impossible to be happy with someone so… I don’t know if I would say narcissistic but, she, like, creates her own problems and loves conflict and things like that. The selfishness is miserable for anyone to be around, let alone to be married to her. My whole family has grown closer because we have all had to stay silent in hopes to protect my dad and no one can do it anymore.”

Hockey Game Explanation

After photos surfaced of Jim and the nanny attending a hockey game together, the athlete replied to a comment on Instagram, writing (via Us Weekly), "I didn’t take her to an event by myself. Get your facts straight. I was with my best friend and his child. I was trying to do something nice for the girl who just had her boyfriend dumped [sic] her.”

ET has reached out to reps for Meghan and Jim for comment. 

For more updates, stay tuned.