'RHONJ' Reunion: Melissa Gorga Tells Teresa Giudice She Could 'Do a Lot Better' Than Joe (Exclusive)

Teresa Giudice on the 'RHONJ' season 10 reunion.

In ET's sneak peek at part two of the 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' reunion, the women open up about the Giudices' marriage.

This reunion moment is about as sweet as sprinkle cookies -- and we all know how Teresa Giudice feels about those.

In ET's exclusive first look at part two of The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 10 reunion, Andy Cohen digs into Teresa and Joe Giudice's marriage. During the season, viewers watched as Teresa and Joe had tense exchange after tense exchange, with Joe at one point telling Teresa that she had "too much baggage" for any other man to take on. Andy asks Teresa if she thinks Joe wanted to "keep you down" with that statement, to which she says she doesn't know.

"I think so," Margaret Josephs interjects. "Based on that conversation, I think he was insecure about her and he wanted to keep her down so she wouldn't leave."

Between shooting the season and the reunion, Teresa and Joe announced they were separating after 20 years of marriage, half of which was spent under the microscope of reality TV. For years, fans watched as Joe said not-so-nice things about his wife -- including using the c-word -- but everything he did always seemed to leave Teresa unfazed.

"Were you unhappy when you were married?" Andy asks.

"No, I was not unhappy," Teresa replies, plainly. "I'm telling you, the only time he treated me -- like, the way he spoke to me like that, was on the show. He would try to act like this macho guy. I don’t know what it was, but behind the scenes, he was good to me"

"Was that true?" Andy then asks Teresa's sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, who leaves a long pause before she answers.

"No, it was not just on the show," Melissa says. "He hated the cameras, he did, and he would get so frustrated, so you would see it more. But he would always -- he didn't baby her at all. He wasn't passionate, he wasn’t kissy, huggy. He never pleased Teresa."

"He didn’t treat me bad!" Teresa exclaims. "'Cause then I woulda never stayed. I mean, we had a great, great marriage. We did have a good marriage."

"You could do a lot better," Melissa says.

Watch it all play out here:

The season of RHONJ ended with Teresa and her four daughters visiting Joe in Italy, where he now lives. While it seemed obvious at the time that things were over, Teresa was still playing it coy when it came to the future of her marriage. ET sat down with the reality star just after her return from the trip.

"We're both in a good place," she said at the time. "You know, we both want each other to be happy, which, that's the most important thing. And our both common denominator is our four daughters. Like, of course, we're going to do what it takes for the happiness of our daughters, so that's our goal. Like, as long as they're happy, we're happy. And of course, they want us to be happy, like, there's not going to be any bickering or anything like that, like, so past that. You know, think of where he was, he was in a bad place, so you know he took a lot of frustration out on the kids and myself because he was in a hell hole, basically, that's where he was."

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