Ricky Gervais Reveals What He Said in His Censored Joke at the 2020 Golden Globes

The comedian took to Twitter to set the record straight on what he really said about Judi Dench.

Sunday's Golden Globes marked Ricky Gervais' fifth and final time as host and, as promised, the star pulled out all the stops when it came to pushing the envelope of taste and what is legally allowable on television.

In fact, the acerbic British comic -- who was already making the star-studded audience cringe with discomfort moments after the start of the show -- managed to get censored twice just during the show's opening monologue.

The first beep bleep -- which also left some at home in the dark about what he actually said -- came when poking fun at Cats. Specifically, he mocked Dame Judi Dench's defense of the critically panned project, which she said was "a role she was born to play."

Before even making the quip, Gervais stopped, laughed and shook his head, muttering, "I can't even do this next joke."

But, undaunted, Gervais continued, saying Dench "loves nothing better than plunking herself down on the carpet, lifting her leg and licking her own- " and, after that, it was all bleeped out.

While many assumed Gervais had used a vulgar term for female anatomy, the comic took to Twitter on Monday night to set the record straight.

"The bleeped word was 'minge,'" Gervais wrote, a British slang term that is technically different from what most people assumed he said.

Gervais also addressed the general feedback -- both good and bad -- toward his time as host, and thanked everyone for weighing in and reacting, one way or the other.

"Thanks for all your amazing comments about my Golden Globes monologue. Best reaction ever and that means a lot to me. I had a blast but thank f**k it's over, so I can get back to my real job of editing #AfterLife2 and touring #SuperNature," Gervais tweeted. "Make Jokes, Not War."

He also slammed critics who said that his monologue -- in which he lambasted celebrities' propensity for making political speeches while accepting their awards -- indicated that he was politically conservative or even right wing.

"How the f**k can teasing huge corporations, and the richest, most privileged people in the world be considered right wing? ? #GoldenGlobes," he added.

Gervais' monologue skewered many Hollywood figures who were in the audience, from Leonardo DiCaprio to James Corden to Martin Scorsese. And he shrugged off any boos or gasps with a simple devil-may-care defense.

"It's the last time," Gervais reminded the audience, who appeared horrified at some of his digs. "Who cares?" Check out the video below to see more.



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