Ricky Martin on Hosting Latin GRAMMY Awards and Celebrating the State of Latin Music (Exclusive)

The singer opens up to ET about this exciting time for Latin sounds.

Ricky Martin is ready for Super Bowl Sunday!

The 47-year-old performer spoke with ET's Kevin Frazier in Las Vegas ahead of his gig as co-host of the 20th annual Latin GRAMMY Awards about another big moment for Latin music in the coming months -- the Super Bowl halftime show featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira in Miami, Florida. 

"Yeah, it's gonna be very special. I will be watching. I will be watching," Martin tells ET, before teasing, "Maybe I'll fly to Miami."

Martin teases that he could be joining Lopez and Shakira for the big performance. 

"Maybe... I'll be there. I don't know, we'll see what happens," Martin says coyly. "But it's really nice when you can, you know, mix such a powerful event with sports, it's a very beautiful... and cultural event as well. And now the fact that they're opening the doors to Latin sounds to be part of the celebration, it's something that I'm having a really, really good time with."

When ET's Frazier presses Martin on whether he'll be there, he jokes, "What are you coming from? What do you know that I don't know? Is there something I don't, am I missing something? ...I don't know, let's see what happens. In the meantime, I know Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will do amazing."

Lopez herself recently teased the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show to Variety, noting she's already hard at work planning the event. 

"I’m putting it together now. Me and Shakira together. We’re both excited to have been given the opportunity to do that, as two Latin women, in Miami," Lopez tells Robert Pattinson during an interview for the magazine. "I think it’s important in this day and age for two Latin women to be standing on that stage -- when Latinos are being treated a certain way in this country, or looked at a certain way -- to show that we have a really specific and beautiful culture and worth and value, and we bring something to this country that’s necessary. I think that’s going to be an amazing moment. That night, I want it to be a celebration of who we are. All of us, because we’re in this together."

While the Super Bowl is months away, fans can see some of their favorite musicians at this year's Latin GRAMMY Awards on Thursday, which Martin is excited to be co-hosting. 

"We're celebrating music, diversity, we're celebrating everything that our culture has to offer, musically speaking," he tells ET. "And then I go back, I go back in time 20 years ago, where I had the honor to walk on stage with Gloria Estefan and Celia Cruz, and I get emotional. A lot has happened ever since. I mean, just to be able to bring our music, our language, all over the world and then to be recognized by your peers in the Latin GRAMMYs, it is a special thing, and I hope it's only the beginning."

Martin, alongside actresses Roselyn Sanchez and Paz Vega, will host the 20th annual Latin GRAMMY Awards live at 8 p.m. ET on Nov. 14 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, airing on the Univision Network.