Rihanna Only Shared Pregnancy News With 'Very Limited Few': Did the Super Bowl Know?

Rihanna surprised the world when she revealed she's expecting her second child with A$AP Rocky during Sunday's halftime performance.

Rihanna pulled off a major surprise when she revealed she's expecting baby No. 2 during Sunday's Super Bowl LVII halftime performance. A source tells ET that she only shared the news with a "very limited few," and that when the Super Bowl heads asked Rihanna if she would perform at the halftime show, they didn’t know she would be pregnant.

"Rihanna has always done things on her own schedule so she didn’t let her plans for baby number two stop her from committing to doing the show -- she wanted it all!" the source says, adding that "when she was further along and shared the news with a very limited few, everyone was very supportive!"

Everything from choreography and costumes "were being tweaked up until the last minute," the source adds.

As for keeping her pregnancy a secret, Super Bowl halftime show producer Jesse Collins told ET that rehearsals had to be done miles away from Los Angeles to keep all the details of RiRi's visually stunning performance under wraps.

"We had to rehearse way out in the sticks of [Los Angeles] and Santa Clarita to keep it all secretive," Collins shared. "It was a lot of work. And then, how do you keep the secret that she's pregnant? I mean, that's hard too... Honestly, as soon as it [was] done I'm like, 'Woo, let's get her back down.' That's all I want to do is get her back on the ground... It was a lot of prep, a lot of nerves and [I'm] just really happy to be a part of it."

Even with last-minutes changes, Rihanna pulled it off, hitting the Super Bowl stage just eight months after she and partner A$AP Rocky welcomed their first child together -- making her the first pregnant person to headline the Super Bowl halftime show. 

That determination extended to RiRi doing the show on her own. While many expected her to bring out one of her many collaborators, the 34-year-old "Diamonds" singer performed her entire 13-minute medley with no guests appearances.

"I think it was just her wanting to make the statement that she could carry this thing and she did," Collins opined. "People just want to see her and so she had to give them a show and she did. We haven't seen her dance like that in a long time and I thought it was just spectacular."

For more on Rihanna's Super Bowl halftime show, check out the video below.