'Riverdale': Betty Strips for Jughead! Star Vanessa Morgan Spills on That Shocking Serpent Dance (Exclusive)

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Actress Vanessa Morgan dishes on-set scoop about Betty's jaw-dropping strip down in this week's all-new episode of 'Riverdale.'

WARNING: We're about to discuss the most shocking moment from this week's all-new episode of Riverdale! Hop on your bike and speed out of here if you do not want to be spoiled…

Betty stripped down for Jughead… in front of a whole crowd of people, including her mom! Confused? Let us explain.

In this week's all-new episode of Riverdale, "Chapter 21: House of the Devil," Betty was determined to find a way to stay close to Jughead so that she could keep a protective eye over her boyfriend as he wades deeper into those "snake-infested waters."

"So what, you want to be a Serpent?" Toni asked Betty with a hint of sarcasm.

"Let's say Serpent-adjacent," Betty answered seriously. "But yeah, part of his world. This world."

In order to make that happen, Betty discovered that she would need to do the "Serpent dance," which is an "outdated and sexist tradition" in which the wannabe Serpent ladies strip down and dance for the other members of the gang.

"I've tried to get it outlawed, but misogyny dies hard," Toni explained.

Later in the episode, Veronica and Archie were singing "Mad World" at FP's Serpent retirement party, but the feuding couple left the stage before the song was over. In order to distract the restless crowd of Serpents, Betty grabbed the mic to finish the haunting ballad.

The so-called "girl next door" then seized her opportunity and treated the audience to an ultra-sexy strip tease and performed her Serpent dance up on a pole in black, lacy lingerie. Crazy, right? Oh, did we mention that Betty's mom, Alice, was also in the crowd. Awkward....

To get the inside scoop on Betty's strip down, Riverdale star Vanessa Morgan, who was on set during the scene, stopped by Sweetwater Secrets and dished on the shocking on-screen moment. 

"I felt like I was watching a little strip show, but I felt for her too," Morgan revealed. "I think this was her moment where she was just showing Jughead like, 'I will do anything for you. I willl go extremely out of my comfort zone and I'll get down in lingerie and I'll do the traditional, female, sexist Serpent dance, [for you.]'"

"It was crazy watching it," she added. "It's one of those things where [as an actress] you're extremely out of your comfort zone, so kudos to [Lili Reinhart.] I watched the whole scene and I was like, 'Wow!' She got up there and she did it lots of times."

As for the question of how Betty, a 16-year-old sophomore, was able to find such racy lingerie -- Morgan dished that she has a pretty good idea. 

"She probably stole it from her mom!" the actress exclaimed. "Like, her mom used to be a Serpent, so maybe that's her mom's old Serpent lingerie outfit that she wore for the dance."

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