Rosie O'Donnell Jokes About Elisabeth Hasselbeck Going 'Directly to Jesus' After 'Crush' Remarks

The actress and comedian says Hasselbeck should call her 'as she just accused me of sexually harassing her.'

Rosie O'Donnell isn't taking Elisabeth Hasselbeck's reaction to her "crush" remarks too seriously. 

During an Instagram Live, the 57-year-old actress and comedian addressed Hasselbeck taking offense to O'Donnell's confession that she had "a little bit of a crush" on her during their time together on The View. O'Donnell made the comment in Ramin Setoodeh's upcoming expose, Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of The View, joking that there were "underlying lesbian tones on both parts," but saying her crush was completely nonsexual. 

On her Tuesday appearance on Fox & Friends, Hasselbeck called O'Donnell's remark "disturbing" and said she "immediately started praying" -- which O'Donnell joked about on her Instagram Live the following day.

"It's crazy. She was so afraid of the concept of a lesbian having a crush on her that she had to go directly to Jesus, do not pass go, do not collect $200," she quipped. 

"She kept on calling on Jesus. Yeah, Jesus was going to save her from the gay who thought she was cute!" O'Donnell cracked. 

The SMILF star continued to joke about the situation when responding to a fan who thanked her for helping them with their depression. 

"So many of us have it, and there are days where it's really difficult.... like days when Elisabeth Hasselbeck says you were grooming her, and that if you were a man named Ronald, Ronald O'Donnell -- she has to give me a Reagan name, first of all, that's Republican, which I find annoying -- [it wouldn't be tolerated]," she said.

"And I wasn't grooming her, I was loving her. She couldn't take it that somebody was nice to her! She liked me back. It wasn't like a sexual thing, but she liked me back. We were friends, and I have proof. Watch all those episodes," O'Donnell said of their time together on The View. 

The mom of five also reacted to Hasselbeck's claim that she tried to call her, suggesting Hasselbeck reach out to many of their mutual friends or former colleagues for her number. "She definitely should call me as she just accused me of sexually harassing her by having a crush that was mutual. It was!" she declared. "We were like two girls on a softball team."

Clarifying the nonsexual nature of her crush on Hasselbeck was a big point of conversation on O'Donnell's Instagram Live. "It was not a sexual crush. There are so many people I have crushes on, starting with Julie Andrews, when I was a kid, all the way through right now, Russell Brand -- total crush on that guy," she said. "It doesn't mean I want to have sex with them. I think we should have all learned by the Tom Cruise crush scenario. It doesn't mean that for me. It just means a crush."

"You know what I decided when I took the job on The View and she was the one everyone was worried was going to be a big a**hole, Hasselbeck? I thought to myself, 'I'm going to love her to death. No matter what, I'm going to love her,'" O'Donnell continued. "And no matter what she throws at me, that's going to be my mantra."

The Now and Then star expressed similar sentiments on Twitter on Tuesday.  

"Hey eh - my crush on u was not sexual - sorry u got scared - ❤️surely u recall b4 it all went wrong," she tweeted. "i never objectified u - i did find u fantastic - broadway shows - my pool -we were friends once ❤️ god love ya kid - i always did #hasselbeck #raminSUX."

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