Ryan Gosling on Why He's Not Good at Playing Barbies and What He'll Miss About Ken (Exclusive)

Gosling is the Ken to Margot Robbie's Barbie in Greta Gerwig's upcoming film, out July 21.

Ryan Gosling is bringing the "Ken-ergy" to Greta Gerwig's upcoming Barbie movie -- but he's not so confident when it comes to playing Barbies in real life!

The actor is dad to two daughters with partner Eva Mendes -- Esmeralda, 8, and Amada, 7 -- and while he says his girls are "excited" about the upcoming movie, he's a little unsure about his real-life doll skills.

"I'm not sure that I'm good at it. I'm not sure how to be good at it," Gosling admitted to ET's Rachel Smith. "Like a Ken, I'm not sure exactly what my place is in the game."

"It's harder to be a Ken than it looks," his co-star Margot Robbie, who plays the titular doll, chimed in sympathetically.

Robbie and Gosling clearly had a blast on the upcoming movie, which recreates the technicolor magic of Barbie World on a massive scale. So what do they miss the most about playing Barbie and Ken?

"I miss the big Barbie hair, that could change with an outfit," Robbie reminisced. "If she wears her beach outfit, her hair might be down to here, and then in the next scene, her hair's up to here because she's changed outfits and her hair magically changes too. That was so cool."

As for Gosling? "I miss the headbands," he said, admitting that he may have taken a few of the neon accessories home with him.

But not everything is perfect for the Kens in the film. After all, it is Barbie Land.

"We're still unsure what happens to the Kens when the Barbies go home," Gosling shared with a laugh. "We think they huddle on the beach for warmth."

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And there was a bit of jealousy on the Barbie side as well, when it came to how much the Kens crushed their group dance number.

"All of us Barbies were pretty pissed -- we suddenly wanted to redo our Barbie dance because we were like the bar has been lifted so high," Robbie recalled. "We all got together, we talked about it,  maybe like an end-credit sequence dance or something -- we cannot let the Kens take this from us. They just crushed it."

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So, with rumors of an Ocean's Eleven film in development for the pair, are Gosling and Robbie sick of working together just yet?

"Are you kidding me?" Gosling refuted with a laugh. "Look at me, you see how hard I'm Kenning!"

Barbie is in theaters July 21.