Sarah Hyland Gives Gigi Hadid Advice on Dating 'Bachelorette' Alum Tyler Cameron (Exclusive)

The 28-year-old actress' fiance, Wells Adams, previously appeared on the reality dating series.

Sarah Hyland is offering up some insight into dating a former Bachelorette contestant!

ET spoke with the 28-year-old actress and her fiance, Wells Adams, at the Facebook Dating press event in New York City on Thursday, where she revealed the biggest pro to dating a Bachelor Nation alum -- and how it can help Gigi Hadid amid her rumored romance with Tyler Cameron.

"I've never met Tyler, so I don't know what kind of man he is, but from what I've seen on TV, he seems like a really lovely young man," Hyland said of Cameron, who appeared on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette. "What I noticed with Wells when we first started talking, when we were texting all the time and even when we started dating in person, everything seemed to move really fast and I would make the joke a lot of, 'I'm so glad that he did The Bachelorette because it’s almost like relationship boot camp.'" 

"It makes you open up faster, makes you more vulnerable to where you get to the really heavy s**t. Whereas normally that would take you, like, six months to get into," she continued. "And then once you get to that point you’re like, 'Oh f**k. This isn’t working anymore and it’s a waste of six months.' So my advice [is] trust the process. Isn’t that what they say on The Bachelor?"

"It will be a journey," Adams, quoting a much-used Bachelor saying, quipped as confirmation.

"Trust the process of the journey," Hyland joked back.

"The most dramatic dating you've ever had!" Adams responded with a laugh.

As for whether or not they would ever consider a double date with Hadid and Cameron, Hyland had some stipulations before their potential meet-up.

"Most of me wants to do a double date with them, but there’s definitely a part of me that doesn’t because they’re so much prettier than we are," Hyland admitted. "They're so tall... She’s, like, a f**king full foot taller than me. They’re just so pretty that it might do damage to my ego. I would do a double date with them after, like, a three-month boot camp. I would do that. And maybe a facelift."

"And, like, giant stilettos," Adams added.

"I'll wear stripper shoes," Hyland quipped.


The couple, who got engaged back in July, is excited to join Facebook's new dating venture as they met online after Hyland tweeted flirty things about Adams and he responded by DMing her.

"It’s kind of the new normal in the dating world, people are meeting and DMing each other," Adams said, before revealing how he managed to be flirty, but not creepy in his initial message to Hyland.

"I would run a lot of stuff by my sister. At the time, I was living in Nashville and my sister lived there as well and I told her, 'I’m talking with Sarah Hyland. What do you think I should say?'" the Bachelor in Paradise bartender recalled. "And so I got a woman’s advice and that worked."

"That's smart," Hyland praised. "Always ask for a woman's advice... For everything. Not just sliding into them DMs."

Watch the video below for more on their upcoming nuptials.