Sarah Hyland Says She Didn't Know About 'Modern Family' Death Until She Watched the Episode

Sarah Hyland
Tony Rivetti via Getty Images

SPOILER WARNING: Modern Family's Wednesday episode, "Legacy," shocked many fans -- star Sarah Hyland included! 

The ABC comedy, which is currently in its final season, featured a storyline between Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell) and his father, Frank (Fred Willard). The two spend a nice day together after Frank was found wandering in a grocery store for hours. The exchange ended up being the highly connected father-son duo's last. 

And though Phil gives a eulogy about Frank to some family members, it turns out, not all in the Dunphy family were present. On her Instagram Story, Hyland, who plays Frank's granddaughter, Haley Dunphy, on the show, gave her candid reaction to watching the episode. 

"So I don't read scripts of the episodes of Modern Family that I'm not in, so I just found out that my grandpa's dead along with all of you," she told fans. "I still feel special."

As soon as fans pointed out that she had just shared a major spoiler, Hyland took to her Instagram Story again to apologize and explain. 

"Oh yeah, I guess I should have put a spoiler alert for Grandpa Frank dying, but I was just caught off-guard," she said. "As his granddaughter, you'd think I'd be invited to the funeral."


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