Sarah Jessica Parker Read the ‘New York Times’ on Her Broomstick While Filming ‘Hocus Pocus’

Sarah Jessica Parker
The Late Show

Sarah Jessica Parker loves a little Hocus Pocus!

Turns out, the 53-year-old actress is just as comfortable in a pair of Manolo Blahniks as she is riding a broom. During a Tuesday appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Parker opened up about the making of her hit 1993 Halloween flick, Hocus Pocus, 25 years later.

"I don’t have a lot of memories. I remember the filming of it. I just don’t remember what the movie’s about as much,” she admitted of the spooky classic. "Three witches, I’ve been told that, and apparently my character’s not very bright. But I fly and sing and I think I like to suck the life… I think I like to kill children? I don’t know.”

But despite being shaky on some of the plot points, Parker noted that she loved flying in the film, which was created the old fashioned way with wires and harnesses. 

"They’d call cut and they’d go to lunch or maybe they’d change the lens, and I’d just stay up there,” she said of sitting on her flying broom. "I could fit an entire New York Times up the back of the corset. And I found that the harness was comfortable, so I would just sit up there and read the Times while people took their breaks or changed the camera and sometime went to lunch."

Parker’s co-star, Midler, opened up to ET earlier this week about recently rewatching the beloved film for the first time in years. 

“It was so good,” Midler told ET of the film. “I had forgotten how good it was and how good everybody was, I mean, everybody. I mean, I didn’t realize what was going on behind me. Those girls were carrying on something terrible, and the kids were great.” 

Parker also opened up to ET during the 1993 filming, saying, “Our mission is to suck the life out of children, but it’s intended for children. I don’t know how they’re going to market this movie.” 

For more from the anniversary of Hocus Pocus, watch the clip below: 


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