Sarah Paulson Says She 'May Pop Up' on 'American Horror Story: 1984' (Exclusive)

ET caught up with the actress at the 'Abominable' premiere at TIFF on Saturday.

Did Sarah Paulson just tease a possible appearance on season nine of American Horror Story?

While the actress does not star in AHS: 1984, she did share some interesting information while talking to ET's Ash Crossan at the Abominable premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday.

"I may pop up," she slyly said after explaining how it's been "bittersweet" to not be involved in the upcoming season.

"It's a little bittersweet because I have a lot of friends who are still on the show. So I'm getting updates about how it's all going and what they're doing, and I'm like, 'Wait, what? You worked until two? Oh, I remember working until two on that show,'" Paulson, who has been involved in all eight of the preceding seasons, shared. "And then I'm also very glad that I can wake up at a decent hour because I'm not cross-eyed from having worked insane nights."

"But, it'll be hard. I'll be watching and cheering everybody on. I'm really excited for this season. I think it's a really cool idea for the show this year," Paulson continued before quickly adding, "And you never know, I may pop up. You never know. No promises though."

George Pimentel/Getty Images for TIFF

Few details about 1984's premise and characters have been revealed, but fans have already seen a couple chilling teasers. 

Meanwhile, Paulson has had a great year filled with many opportunities where she's gotten the chance to portray a slew of characters. While promoting Abominable, she couldn't help but express how happy she was to be a part of the animated film.   

"Anytime that you can be a part of something responsible for, or attempting to, or encouraging people to be empowered and lifted up, is only a good thing," she expressed. "So I feel very happy and very fortunate to be a part of it."

Abominable arrives in theaters on Sept. 17.



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