Savannah Chrisley Talks Documentary Rumors After Estranged Sister Lindsie Chrisley Slams Project

The upcoming documentary will also not be featuring her parents Todd and Julie Chrisley, who are currently serving prison sentences.

Savannah Chrisley will not be participating in any upcoming documentary about her family and her imprisoned parents, Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley

The 25-year-old reality TV star took to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday evening to set the record straight after her estranged half-sister, Lindsie Chrisley, recently spoke about the rumored documentary on her podcast, Southern Tea With Lindsie Chrisley

"I was notified of some crazy stories that have been out there about this family documentary," Savannah said on her Instagram Story. "First off I want to set the record straight, there is no family documentary that's happening. Me, Chase, the kids, and Nannie [Faye] are filming a new reality show and we've partnered with an amazing production company to do this and it's going to be the first reality show that we've done. But when it comes to a documentary, not happening." 

Savannah said she and her brother, Chase Chrisley, were "very much against a documentary happening because the truth just wasn't behind it." 

Claiming that any possible documentary would be "based off of lies," Savannah added, "At the end of the day, if mom and dad aren't involved, how do you get the full truth? They should be able to share their side of any story that's being told. And me as their power of attorney, I obviously know the truth and that is what it is." 

Without clarifying exactly what the documentary in question involved, Savannah added, "No crazy ex-wife or anyone else is going to be able to tell the accurate truth. That just what it is, so at this point any documentary that happens is BS. It's a lie." 

Todd's ex-wife is Teresa Terry, whom he was married to from 1990 to 1996. Todd and Teresa share kids Lindsie and Kyle Chrisley. Lindsie, 33, has had an estranged relationship with her half-siblings through the years, and in June she told fans that she'd "blocked everyone in an argument," though she added that there's "no drama" between them at the time. 

In her Instagram Story, Savannah teased that her family's new reality show will feature "everything that's going do because of mom and dad," noting that life in their family is "going OK" and that the family business, Chrisley and Co., is "thriving." 

In her recent podcast, Lindsie shared that she had no plans to participate in the upcoming documentary. 

"I just decided that I'm not going to participate in something that one, I don't even know what the heck's going on," she shared. "What could they possibly document that would even be relevant that anyone doesn't already know?"

"Also [it's] not fair to people," she added. "They would be documenting about people who can't potentially defend themselves in the event that they would need to defend themselves."

Neither Lindsie nor Savannah clarified exactly what the alleged "documentary" in question was or who was involved. 

Todd and Julie were convicted on fraud charges in November 2022, and reported to prison in January. Todd is serving his 12-year prison sentence in Pensacola, Florida, while Julie is serving a seven-year sentence in Lexington, Kentucky. They are both appealing the conviction and have spoken out about how they are optimistic their convictions will get overturned.