Lindsie Chrisley Slams Upcoming Documentary on Her Family as 'Not Fair' While Todd and Julie Are in Prison

The reality star is opening up about why she feels it's wrong to do a documentary about the embattled Chrisleys.

Lindsie Chrisley is opening up about her choice to not be involved in a forthcoming documentary about Todd and Julie Chrisley.

The reality star and Chrisley Knows Best alum recently addressed a rumored documentary -- detailing her family's legal woes -- during an episode of her podcast, Southern Tea with Lindsie Chrisley.

According to Lindsie, the decision stemmed from the fact that her father, Todd, and step-mother, Julie, would be unable to defend themselves while they both serve time in prison after being convicted on multiple fraud charges last year.

"I just decided that I'm not going to participate in something that one, I don't even know what the heck's going on," she shared. "What could they possibly document that would even be relevant that anyone doesn't already know?"

Because of this, Lindsie said participating is "not really worth my time."

"Also [it's] not fair to people," she added. "They would be documenting about people who can't potentially defend themselves in the event that they would need to defend themselves."

She previously addressed the documentary on Instagram last week, writing, "I’d like to address a rumor floating around about a possible documentary some family was approached to participate in."

"I, respectfully declined and do not plan to participate in any project that doesn’t allow for everyone’s voice to be heard," she shared. "We all have a story, there’s always multiple sides and the truth lies somewhere in the middle."

Todd and Julie were convicted on fraud charges in November 2022, and reported to prison in January. Todd is serving his 12-year prison sentence in Pensacola, Florida, while Julie is serving a seven-year sentence in Lexington, Kentucky. They are both appealing the conviction and have spoken out about how they are optimistic their convictions will get overturned.

It's unclear to what documentary Lindsie is referring, or in what format -- docuseries or documentary film -- it is intended to be filmed as.

During an episode of Lindsie's podcast back in May, she addressed rumors that Julie doesn't want her to visit, and said the rumor is "just untrue."

Lindsie was joined by her grandmother, Nannie Faye, who explained the difficult process when it comes to visiting Julie in Lexington, Kentucky, where she's serving a seven-year prison sentence for tax fraud.

"Well, the reason you didn’t get to go see her is because -- I was waiting in line myself -- when she put me on the list she thought I’d be right away because, you know, I'm the next thing to her mother," Faye explained. "And so they said, 'Well, mother-in-laws are not blood. So you have to wait three months.’ And I’ve only gotten to see her three times. So it’s almost two months before I got to see her because of the way they carry on their list. They take their own time."

"It’s not like you can put somebody on there today and they get on there today," she continued. "It might be three or four weeks. One of her best friends is going to get to go see her [for] the first time in almost four months and she just got OK’d about two weeks ago. So it’s a process. Everything in life has a process. So don’t believe anything you hear," she added.

Lindsie chimed in, saying she's on the list, too, but confirmed that just getting on the visiting list doesn't automatically equate to an immediate green light to come visit. Lindsie revealed she's only spoken to Julie once while she's been in prison. However, Lindsie also confirmed that she's been in frequent contact with her father during the time he's been behind bars.