Scooter Braun Addresses Critics & Haters Following Taylor Swift Feud: 'They Don't Have All the Information'

Scooter Braun and Taylor Swift

The talent manager said he doesn't 'do anything with malicious intent.'

Scooter Braun is not letting any drama get to him.

The talent manager opened up during an interview on Tony Gonzalez's Wide Open podcast about dealing with negativity and haters, amid his recent feud with Taylor Swift.

"I went through some drama recently," Braun said without ever naming the "Lover" singer. "And then put my phone down, looked at my friends and my family… and I was like, 'I'm good…I'm happy.' And people question your integrity. They talk sh*t."

In June, Swift expressed her anger and shock after Braun purchased her former label, Big Machine, for a reported $300 million through his company, Ithaca Holdings, and thus received majority ownership of Swift's master recordings. The singer then accused Braun of bullying her over the years, a claim that former Big Machine owner Scott Borchetta and others fought back against

During Braun's interview, he shared how he felt when he was attacked online, explaining that "you got to know your truth."

"It's hard when you get attacked and it's not based on any truth, but for that other person it may be based on truth but they don't have all the information," he explained. "That's why I am always open to communication and having a conversation with someone and saying, 'Maybe this was a misunderstanding and I am happy to have a conversation with you.' But not everybody is willing to do that and you can't go through life thinking you're going to be friends and everyone is going to like you."

"I don't do anything with malicious intent. I try to do things above board. I try to do the right thing," he continued. "Not everyone’s gonna be happy with everything that you do. And I think in the long-term, I’ve learned this over time, the truth always comes out, and I’m confident in that."

Justin Bieber's manager then concluded by saying, "As long as the people that I love and respect are my compass, that's the direction I am gonna go."

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Swift once again expressed her devastation about the sales of her masters to Braun in an interview with Rolling Stone. Sharing that the sale of her work was going to be a hard pill to swallow, she said that the fact that it was Braun who purchased the label was "unbelievable" and she felt "betrayed."

"Here’s the thing: Everyone in my team knew if Scooter Braun brings us something, do not bring it to me," she expressed. "The fact that those two are in business together after the things he said about Scooter Braun -- it’s really hard to shock me. And this was utterly shocking." 

See more on the drama in the video below.