See Carrie Fisher in Her Final Role 6 Years After Her Death in Magical 'Wonderwell' Trailer

Carrie Fisher
Strange Quark Films

The film is set to release June 23.

Fans caught a glimpse of Carrie Fisher's last-ever onscreen appearance in the new Wonderwell trailer which dropped on Friday. It features Fisher's final filmed project, which wrapped only six weeks before the late actress' death in 2016. 

Following several delays due to Fisher's death, COVID lockdowns and budget constraints for visual effects, the film is now set to be released on June 23. Alongside Fisher, the movie stars Rita Ora, Nell Tiger Free, Sebastian Croft and newcomer Kiera Milward. 

Fisher plays Hazel, a mysterious leader from a magical land unearthed by Violet (Milward), a young American girl living in Italy with her parents and older sister. 

"The journey we have taken as filmmakers with this movie, has been as perilous as that of the movie itself," director Vlad Marsavin told Deadline. "From filming to screen it has taken us seven years. The visual effects on a movie of this magnitude takes time, but we were challenged with COVID lockdowns and of course the passing of our wonderful Carrie Fisher. Now is the perfect time to share her magical on screen moments as Hazel." 

"Carrie was full of energy during filming and even celebrated her 60th birthday with us in Italy where we shot the movie," Marsavin continued. "After a night shoot, which went on until 2 a.m., she invited the whole team to celebrate with her and the party ended up being shut down by the police because it was deemed a little too loud. Her passing was very emotional for the whole team." 

Ora added that "working alongside Carrie Fisher was one of those experiences that you never forget," saying she "can't wait for the world to see this intriguing and magical world of Wonderwell." 

Marsavin added that the film will also feature a dedication to Fisher, who died on Dec. 26, 2016, at 60 years old, after suffering a heart attack on a flight. 

Last month, Fisher's daughter, Billie Lourd, accepted a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in honor of her late mom. 

During the ceremony, Lourd recounted her experience growing up as the daughter of Princess Leia, admitting that she hadn't watched her mother's films until middle school. "I finally watched the movie I had forever considered too loud, and finally figured out what all the fuss was about... I wanted to hate it so I could tell her how lame she was," she joked. "Like any kid, I didn't want my mom to be hot or cool. She was my mom. But that day, staring at the screen, I realized no one is or will ever be as hot or as cool as Princess Leia."

Lourd praised the character of Princess Leia for being "strength, she is grace, she is wit, she is femininity at its finest. She knows what she wants and she gets it. She doesn't need anyone to rescue her because she rescues herself and even rescues the rescuers and no one could have played her like my mother."