Selena Gomez's Mom Says She Disapproves of Her Daughter's Decision to Work With Woody Allen

Selena Gomez's mom, Mandy Teefey, is making it clear she isn't a fan of her daughter's decision to star in Woody Allen's upcoming film, 'A Rainy Day in New York.'

Selena Gomez's mom, Mandy Teefey, is making it clear she isn't a fan of her daughter's decision to star in Woody Allen's upcoming film, A Rainy Day in New York.

Teefey recently spoke out about Gomez's involvement with the romantic comedy on Instagram, replying to a user who wrote, "make Selena write an apology about the Woody Allen film." Working with Allen has been a controversial choice for actors, given that his daughter, Dylan Farrow, accused him in 1992 of molesting her when she was seven years old. Allen has repeatedly denied the allegations.

“Sorry, no one can make Selena do anything she doesn’t want to," Teefey replied. "I had a long talk with her about not working with him and it didn’t click. Her team are amazing people. There is no fall person here. No one controls her. She makes all her own decisions. No matter how hard you try to advise. It falls on deaf ears."


On Monday, Gomez's A Rainy Day in New York co-star, Timothee Chalamet, announced that he was donating his entire salary from the  film to three charities -- Time’s Up, the LGBT Center in New York and RAINN.

“This year has changed the way I see and feel about so many things,” Chalamet wrote on Instagram. “It has been a thrilling and, at times, enlightening education.”

“I have, to this point, chosen projects from the perspective of a young actor trying to walk in the footsteps of more seasoned actors I admire," he continued, addressing his decision to work with Allen. "But I am learning that a good role isn’t the only criteria for accepting a job -- that has become much clearer to me in the past few months, having witnessed the birth of a powerful movement intent on ending injustice, inequality and above all, silence. ... I don’t want to profit from my work on the film.”

Interestingly enough, Teefey has been more outspoken about her relationship with 25-year-old Gomez as of late. In a recent interview with Gossip Cop, Teefey said she was "not happy" about Gomez and Justin Bieber's rekindled romance. She also discussed Gomez cutting business ties with her in 2014, when she was still managing her daughter's career.

"Every mother and daughter has disagreements," she told the outlet. “We never expected to manage her whole life. We lost family time because the only time we saw her, we talked business. It was no longer fun for any of us, like it was when she was younger and we had to be with her because she was a minor.”

A source recently told ET that while Teefey still isn't a fan of Bieber and Gomez's relationship, she "knows not to bring it up anymore" for the sake of her relationship with Gomez. 

"[Mandy has] said her piece, and Selena knows how she feels about it, and that’s that,” the source said. “For the sake of their own relationship, they just don’t talk about it. Mandy knows that Selena is an adult and she’s going to do what she wants."

"They’ve been through ups and downs in the past and have always overcome them, and I’m sure they’ll be able to move past this one day as well," the source added. "Right now, they both just need to keep working on themselves.”

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