Shannon Beador Explains Why She Felt 'Blindsided' by John Janssen Breakup

The 'RHOC' star opened up about her split from Janssen after over three years of dating.

Shannon Beador is getting candid about her painful split with longtime boyfriend John Janssen. The reality star opened up on Thursday about coping with the emotional fallout of her breakup.

Sitting down for an interview on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live, she got choked up as she spoke about the unexpected split -- which happened late last year after more than three years of dating.

"I have never loved anyone close to as much as I loved John," Beador shared, fighting back tears. "I wanted the entire time for everything to work out. I had the biggest hope."

The Real Housewives of Orange County star explained that the last time she talked to her ex was at the beginning of December, and she's had a hard time dealing with the split ever since.

"We had finished filming [season 17 of] the show, and my relationship is always a topic of what's going on," she recalled. "John and I filmed together and it was great. I thought, 'God, we're gonna get there.'"

But then, despite the romantic dinner they shared for the cameras, and kind words they exchanged, Janssen told her one week later that he wanted to end their relationship.

"So that's why I felt blindsided," Beador said, as she tried not to cry.

When asked about her plans to move on, and suggestions that she should get over her ex by going out and looking for a new man, Beador said she wasn't interested in finding random guys or going out drinking at bars or clubs to make a romantic connection.

"I'm not going to go hang out at the bars. I don't want to meet a guy that way," Beador explained. 

ET spoke with Beador in October 2020, ahead of season 15 of RHOC -- which was the first season Janssen appeared on -- and she opened up about getting her boyfriend to be a part of the reality series.

"I've been so transparent -- sometimes to a fault -- on the show, so I can't be in a relationship and not talk about it or show it," Shannon told ET of bringing the reality TV cameras around her beau. "I think that John was nervous, because he's a pretty private person. So, to be put out there, I thought he was very natural when we filmed. But then he would say, 'I'm sweating. I'm sweating, nervous,' but it'll be interesting to see."

"I was very fortunate to meet John and it'll be interesting to watch our relationship this season, too, because even though you … see someone seven days a week, [with] quarantine, you're together 24/7," she noted. "So, it put an interesting dynamic into the relationship."