Sharna Burgess Says She's Having 'Conversations' About Being on 'The Bachelorette Australia' (Exclusive)

The former 'DWTS' pro opens up to ET about the type of love she's looking for in her life right now.

Looks like Sharna Burgess could be trading in Dancing With the Stars for The Bachelorette Australia!

ET recently caught up with the single 34-year-old dancer in Los Angeles, where she revealed she's been having "conversations" about potentially joining the Australian adaptation of the American series of the same name.

"This is a conversation that keeps coming back to me," Burgess explained to ET's Katie Krause. "I am absolutely looking for love. I am ready for love."

"I am getting more and more open to being the Bachelorette," she continued. "I just got back from Australia and it became a pretty hot topic over there on whether I could be the next Bachelorette in Australia, so that's an interesting thought for me. I'm excited by it! I would maybe do it here, I don't know. It's up in the air, but I'm definitely looking for love."

Burgess said she already has a clear understanding of the type of guy she'd love to give her heart (and her roses!) to. She's looking for somebody who really wants to "share" their life with her, she gushed.

"Someone who already has gone through their own journey to themselves and their career and is ready to build something with someone else now," she shared. "And just love and support each other, honestly. I just wanna share life and memories and moments."

While the idea of being the Bachelorette and finding love sounds exciting, Burgess admitted she does have a few reservations about the high-profile gig.

"This is where I run into trouble with this thought, because what if I'm like, 'Yeah, I don't like any of them? We're gonna have to recast.' I can't do that!" she joked. "I'm just so up front and honest about things, which is great, but sometimes my 'speak before thinking' thing could get me in trouble and then, yeah."

"I don't know, it makes me nervous," she added. "Clearly, because I'm rambling and I don't know how to answer the question!"

Luckily, Burgess doesn't have to look too far for help on that, as Hannah Brown, who was the most recent Bachelorette on the U.S. version, is currently competing on season 28 of Dancing With the Stars. Even though Burgess isn't a pro this season, she's remained close to her DWTS family and has even been to the show a few times to show her support.

"Hannah, help a girl out!" Burgess exclaimed. "Am I supposed to do The Bachelorette or not? I'm stressed."

As we patiently wait to get Brown's answer on that, hear more on Burgess in the video below!