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NuFACE Mother's Day

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The founders behind NuFACE are sharing their mother-daughter success story. Carol Cole co-founded the microcurrent beauty brand -- best known for their facial toning device -- with daughters Tera Peterson and Kim Morales. Cole and Peterson spoke to ET ahead of Mother's Day on starting the family business.

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Cole has been an aesthetician for over four decades and was one of the first to use microcurrent technology on her clients in 1985. When Cole shared with her daughters that she wanted to create a microcurrent device women can easily use right at home, Peterson, who previously worked in a traditional corporate role, decided to join the venture to launch the brand in 2005.

"I knew my mom was thinking about launching an at-home device that her clients can use in between their professional treatments. It just hit me one day," Peterson said. "We decided I was going to go to aesthetician school because I really wanted to learn the industry inside and out. I did that, and as I was seeing clients I was writing a business plan for NuFACE."

"My sister got involved around the same time. She just had her first child. My sister does operations, I was more sales and marketing and business planning, and then my mom, having now over 40 years of experience with microcurrent technology. It was this trifecta that came together. It was really unplanned. It just naturally fell into place, and I think that that's kind of when the magic happened," Peterson continued.

carol cole 1980s nuface founder

Carol Cole using microcurrent technology in 1988.


With Cole, Peterson and Morales bringing their own specialties, the mother-daughter founders built NuFACE from the ground up, first offering the device to aesthetician professionals and then to consumers. Now, NuFACE offers four different toning devices and a range of skincare products.

"I think when you're filling a need the doors just keep opening," Cole said. "It was always being of service and taking care of my clients, and that was so important to me because I saw how people felt when they started aging." 

"NuFACE gives them the opportunity to look and feel beautiful anytime, especially when you have something really important, like a graduation or a wedding or a reunion. You really wanna look and feel your best, and I would say that's the most rewarding thing for me -- is that helping so many people because you're not only lifting their face, you're lifting their spirit," Cole added. 

Like in any family business, Peterson admits it wasn't always smooth sailing with challenges they overcame as business partners and mother and daughters.

"We've been doing this for 16 years, and so we've learned along the way. Of course, there's always challenges, but I think that we all know our intentions are always for the best and we all want what's best for NuFACE as a brand, as a company, and we know we're just kind of part of that bigger picture."

Cole and Peterson went on to explain why NuFACE works with their devices' "seeing is believing" results.

"Think of NuFACE and microcurrent as fitness for your face," Peterson says. "It's a low-level electrical current that goes in and stimulates the muscles, which are the foundation of the face. The muscles and the skin on the face are connected -- it's the only place in the entire body where the muscles and the skin are connected. Microcurrent goes in, stimulates the muscles, so naturally it's going to lift the face, pop the cheekbones, lift the eyebrows, open up the eyes -- just give the whole entire face a more youthful appearance."

"I think we feel honored to really have something that is holistic and healthy for the face," Cole says. "That is so important today because there's so many things available, but they're really more temporary. One thing about microcurrent is treating the cause, like exercise. As you continue to lift and tone your body you're getting the results you want and they're long-lasting."

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