'Sister Wives' Star Gwendlyn Brown Says Women Used to Throw Themselves at Dad Kody, Including Her Teacher

Polygamist Kody Brown previously had four wives.

Though Kody Brown is currently only in an active relationship with one of his wives, back in the day, the Sister Wives star and polygamist was a hot commodity, according to his daughter, Gwendlyn Brown.

The 21-year-old child of Kody and his ex, Christine Brown, opened up about her dad's early fame while recapping a season 2 episode of the show for her YouTube channel.

While watching an interview with Kody and his four then-wives — Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown — the interviewer, Joy Behar, jokingly asked if she could be the TLC star's fifth wife.

"That was a serious problem with women just wanting my dad," Gwendlyn shared while watching the clip. "I had a teacher at one point, I had to switch classes because she was so creepy about it. [My brother], Garrison [Brown], had her longer. She was weird, so weird. I could tell you stories about her... She wasted half of an entire class just gossiping with me about how much she loved my family. And I'm like, 'I'm just trying to learn Spanish, lady!'"

Sister Wives has since been on for 17 seasons, but Kody's relationships with his wives haven't last as long.

In 2021, Christine announced that she was leaving Kody and moving to Utah, ending their romantic relationship after 25 years of being spiritually married. In January, Meri and Kody confirmed that they had "permanently terminated" their spiritual marriage after years of estrangement. And during the family's One-on-One special, Janelle and Kody announced that they were separated. Robyn is the only wife legally married to Kody, and she remains in an active marriage with the polygamist.