'Sister Wives' Stars Kody and Janelle Brown Reunite Amid Separation

The pair announced their separation in January after almost 30 years of being spiritually married.

Janelle and Kody Brown came face-to-face over the weekend to celebrate the high school graduation of their youngest daughter, Savanah. The estranged spouses and Sister Wives stars were both photographed on Savanah's special day.

"Savanah has graduated! My children are all grown up ❤️. Such a beautiful day. There was definitely a difference with this graduation versus others in the past - but all is well," Janelle wrote on Instagram, seemingly referencing her split from Kody. "Headed to UT this weekend to throw a big party for her with most of her siblings."

In cap and gown pictures, Savanah posed with Janelle, her brothers, Gabriel and Garrison Brown, and her sister, Gwendlyn Brown, who is the biological daughter of Kody and his ex, Christine Brown.

Savanah also posed for a selfie with her smiling father, who is not often featured on social media. Kody rocked his curly blonde hair and a graying goatee and wore a teal-colored shirt and gray suit jacket for the occasion.

He was noticeably not featured in the photo with Janelle and their sons, who have been estranged from Kody in recent years due to his COVID-19 rules, which they have accused him of using against them and their mother.

Janelle also shared a photo of herself and the majority of her biological kids and grandkids posing together at the party for Savanah.

"Once again - almost all my kids - missing Hunter and his girlfriend Audrey. But I’ll take any time with whatever kids I can gather. 😍😍😍" the proud mom wrote.

During the January One-on-One special of Sister Wives, Kody and Janelle confirmed that they separated after nearly 30 years of being spiritually married. This came after Christine Brown announced her split from Kody after 25 years. Janelle's support of Christine throughout the divorce was a point of contention in her own marriage to Kody. Christine has since gone on to announce her engagement to fiancé David Woolley, and Janelle recently enjoyed an outing with the couple.

Kody's estranged relationships with his older children, due, in part, to his seemingly preferential treatment of wife Robyn Brown and their children, played a factor in Janelle's decision to separate from her longtime husband.

"I do [respect Kody], but I'm so mad with what's happened with our kids that it's very hard," Janelle said during the special. "I'm losing respect for him in that regard."

And though Kody has expressed a desire to mend their relationship, Janelle has said that she is no longer in love with Kody and is only remaining spiritually married to him out of religious "duty."