'Sister Wives' Star Meri Brown Splits From Boyfriend Amos After Four Months: 'I Had to Face Some Hard Truths'

Meri Brown explains the reason behind her split from her first public boyfriend since her Kody Brown breakup.

Meri Brown is opening up about moving on. The 53-year-old Sister Wives star took to Instagram to share that after four months together, she and Amos have parted ways. 

"Last week, I had to face some hard truths and have some difficult conversations," she shared. "Just because I care a lot about someone, and him me, does not equate to full compatibility for a long-term relationship."

As for what led to the split, Meri shared that she and Amos had "different dreams and aspirations, different communication styles and values, different visions for our futures."

"It's a strange and sad thing to care about someone so deeply, to look beyond their past, because heaven knows we all have one, to see the kindness in their eyes and their giving heart, and still know that a life long relationship isn't in the cards for you," she continued. "It's only in the dating process that you can come to these realizations, that's what living and dating is all about." 

Meri Brown/Instagram

As for whether she's ready to move on, Meri seems to be taking some time for herself, noting, "When the time is right for me, I will dip my toes into this process again." 

Describing herself as "single" now, Meri added, "I honor and care about the past four months, who I spent it with, and what I learned about myself through it." 

Meri first announced the split during her "Fridays With Friends" segment last week. 

"Last week Amos and I did have a bunch of discussions, and we did decide to stop seeing each other, so there's that," she shared. 

Calling the decision a "huge bummer," Meri added that she still "really cares" for Amos. 

"We just agreed that it just wasn't going to be a long-term thing," Meri said, noting that the many stories that came out about Amos after she revealed they were dating impacted their relationship.  

"That's really not cool. It really messes with people's heads. And it was really hard," she admitted. "It was really hard for Amos. It was a lot of, we had to have a lot of conversations to get through some of that stuff because it's just not cool." 

Meri announced her split from Kody Brown in early 2023 after years of estrangement. She was the third wife to leave Kody after Christine Brown and Janelle Brown had previously announced their breakups. Robyn Brown is Kody's only remaining wife.

In January, Meri introduced Amos online as her boyfriend. 

"Meet Amos, the good looking guy I've been dating since October! He's not 6 foot 6, nor is he a pilot, but he loves Christmas almost as much as I do, and we laugh a lot together, both of which are important elements to a relationship!" Meri wrote at the time.

Amos also joined Meri for one of her "Fridays With Friends" segments online, answering questions about their relationship and his past romantic history. 

During the segment, Amos revealed he had three ex-wives and had declared bankruptcy once. 

"The first night that we went out, he hugged me, and honestly, it was the best hug. I just stood there and just let him keep hugging me. It was just a really very, very safe hug," Meri said, later adding, "We're happy, and we like each other a lot, a lot."


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