'SNL': Pete Davidson Apologizes to Dan Crenshaw and Gets Mocked Hard on 'Weekend Update'

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Pete Davidson returned to Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live over the weekend where he apologized for his comments directed at Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw during last week's segment.

"On behalf of the show, and myself, I apologize," Davidson said. "I mean this from the bottom of my heart. It was a poor choice of words. The man is a war hero and he deserves all the respect in the world."

"If anything good came of this, maybe it was that, for one day, the left and the right finally came together to agree on something: that I'm a dick," Davidson added.

Unexpectedly, Crenshaw himself entered from off-screen to the cheer of the audience, where he joked, "Ya think?"

"Thank you so much for coming," Davidson offered.

"Thank you for making a Republican look good," Crenshaw quipped. 

After Davidson apologized again, Crenshaw assured them that they were all good when suddenly the politician's phone rang. His ringtone? "Breathin" by Ariana Grande.

After an uproarious laugh from the audience, an embarrassed Davidson asked, "You gonna answer that?"

"I think I'm just gonna let it ring," Crenshaw said, trying not to laugh. "Why? Do you know her?"

"OK, that hurt," Davidson muttered.

It wasn't the only reference to Davidson and Grande's split that the comic made during the segment. Earlier, the 24-year-old comic joked about how bad he felt for his mom during the last week, while everyone was raking him over the coals about his controversial joke about Crenshaw.

"Can you imagine being my mom? That must suck," Davidson quipped. "It can't be easy when everyone's mad at your son and roommate."

Check out the video below for a look at Davidson's previous "Weekend Update" segment where he first broke his silence about his breakup with the "thank u, next" singer.


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