Sofía Vergara Says She's 'Single Now,' Talks Her Plan for Dating

The 'Modern Family' alum plans to spend more time in New York City to broaden her dating pool.

Sofía Vergara thinks the city that never sleeps is the perfect place to find a date! While discussing New York City, the 51-year-old Griselda actress opened up about her dating life on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

"I love it. Who doesn't love New York City? The people, it's the energy," the Modern Family alum gushed. "I think that you have more options with men, also." 

Clarifying her relationship status, Vergara noted, "I'm single now, so in New York there are more people. There's not only actors or writers or directors, I think there's a bigger [pool]. I'm going to spend more time in New York." 

Another reason for dating in the city -- the cuisine. 

"There's great food for when you go out on dates. It's better, yes," Vergara said of New York with a smile. 

Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty Images

The Colombian-born actress announced her split from Joe Manganiello last summer after seven years of marriage.  She was briefly linked to Dr. Justin Saliman last fall after they were spotted out together several times. 

During a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Vergara said of her personal life, "I've been moving on." 

She added of the press surrounding her divorce from Manganiello, "It wasn't bad. I have to say the press was very respectful and very nice. I thought that they were going to invent more things, you know how they usually [do]. And I was just kind of surprised. They kind of just said what it was and that was it." 

Meanwhile, Manganiello has been seeing actress Caitlin O'Connor.

Vergara and Manganiello released a joint statement over the summer announcing their plans to divorce. "We have made the difficult decision to divorce. As two people that love and care for one another very much, we politely ask for respect of our privacy at this time as we navigate this new phase of our lives."

In September 2023, Vergara opened up to ET about her year of change, saying, "It's been very interesting, you know. It's been an interesting year for me. A lot of changes, a lot of good and craziness and bad things happen and good things happen. You know, what makes life so entertaining and interesting… I can't complain. I've had a great, great time. There's always time for more good stuff coming."