Sophie Turner Chugs Wine and Proves Her Awesomeness at New York Rangers Game with Joe Jonas

The 'Game of Thrones' star knows how to have a fun time.

Sophie Turner knows how to have a good time at a hockey game.

The Game of Thrones star and her fiance, Joe Jonas, turned up to a New York Rangers game on Tuesday at Madison Square Garden, and the 23-year-old actress found herself in the spotlight -- which is to say, she found herself on the massive JumboTron screens during the game.

So how did Sansa Stark handle all the attention? Like a rockstar! The parka-clad actress smiled broadly, dabbed, and then downed her entire glass of red wine she happened to be holding in mere seconds.

To top off her impromptu display of awesomeness, she fist-pumped like pro and basked in the roaring cheer of the impressed crowd.

Sophie herself shared a video of the moment later in the evening, after Barstool Sports had posted it earlier, and her soon-to-be brother-in-law, Nick Jonas, was just as floored as everyone else by her showmanship.

Nick replied in the comments to the video, sharing a stunned, "Oh my god," to which Nick's bro, and Sophie's beau, responded with a simple but understandable sunglasses emoji.

It's good to see Joe knows exactly how badass his fiancee is.

The pair, who announced their engagement in October 2017, have had nothing but unbridled love and praise for one another since they began dating. Check out the video below for more on the cute couple's adorable relationship.



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