'Star Trek: Discovery' Cast Says Season 3 Finds the Crew on the 'Edge of the Unknown'

Star Trek: Discovery
Michael Gibson/CBS

Sonequa Martin-Green was joined by her castmates in teeing up the upcoming season of the CBS All Access series at Comic-Con@Home.

Trekkies have been patiently waiting for over a year to devour season 3 of CBS All AccessStar Trek: Discovery. While there hasn't been an official premiere date (yet), Thursday's Comic-Con@Home panel revealed the plan is still to return some time this year.

The stars of Discovery, along with co-showrunner Michelle Paradise, virtually reunited to discuss the season 2 finale and what awaits the USS Discovery crew after they blasted off a thousand years into the future to parts unknown. 

Series star Sonequa Martin-Green intimated that the time jump, which forges a new path for Discovery in season 3, is a "salvation, of sorts" for main heroine Michael Burnham. By traveling into the distant future, Martin-Green said Burnham and the crew "are deciding to sacrifice everything that we have for the the future."

"There's the obvious hope that that works, that the plan works. And even logistically, that we land where we're supposed to, that we defeat Control, that we save the world and save the universe. There's inherent hope in that," Martin-Green previewed. "And also, the hope to continue discovering myself as Burnham. That'll always be there. That hope of continual unveiling and finding that perfect, sweet balance between all the forces that wage within me."

But not everyone on Discovery is looking at the future through a positive lens. Exhibit A: Philippa Georgiou. 

"I think she's really pissed off. It's like, 'Michael Burnham, don't get in my way!'" laughed Michelle Yeoh, who has her own Section 31 spinoff in development at CBS All Access. "She is one who always finds her way into adapting because she is a survivor with many skills, and a formidable ally or an enemy."

"She goes in there very pissed off but I'm sure very quickly, she'll find a way around," she hinted. "Power is something inherently that she has. She doesn't even seek it, she just has it. Scary, huh?"

Added Mary Wiseman, who plays Ensign Sylvia Tilly: "We're all on the edge of the unknown. So all of our ideas of what the future holds and who we are and who we want to be are transformed."

As Anthony Rapp, who plays Lieutenant Paul Stamets, previewed, season 3 is the perfect marriage of the familial nature of Discovery, hinting that the new episodes -- which includes a "more three-dimensional" Dr. Culber, Wilson Cruz promises -- "really explores family in wonderful new ways."

Watch the Star Trek Universe panel at Comic-Con@Home below.

Star Trek: Discovery returns this year on CBS All Access.

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