'Star Trek: Discovery' Gets Renewed for a Third Season

'Star Trek: Discovery'
Courtesy of CBS All Access

Just a month after season two debuted, a third run has gotten the green light!

The crew of the U.S.S. Discovery’s interplanetary adventures will continue!

On Tuesday, CBS All Access announced that their hit show, Star Trek: Discovery, is getting a third season. And as the show embarks upon a third run, Michelle Paradise (co-executive producer of The Originals) has been tapped to step in as co-showrunner alongside Alex Kurtzman.

“Michelle joined us midway through season two and energized the room with her ferocious knowledge of Trek,” Kurtzman said in a statement. “Her grasp of character and story detail, her drive and her focus have already become essential in ensuring the Trek legacy, and her fresh perspective always keeps us looking forward. I’m proud to say Michelle and I are officially running Star Trek: Discovery together.”

Just last month, the second season of the science fiction show debuted with some new faces. Among them is Anson Mount, who plays Captain Christopher Pike, a role played by the late Jeffrey Hunter in the original series. In April of last year, Mount spoke with ET about tackling the role and the feeling of first visiting the set.

"Sitting in the captain's chair for the first time on a day I wasn't even working," he said. "I was in civilian clothes and sitting in that chair was emotional. It was this weird [moment of] meeting my 8-year-old self again."

"It's wonderful material," he later added. "The thing that I liked most about Pike, particularly for Discovery coming out of a situation with a captain they couldn't trust and coming out of a canon where the famous captain we know of, Kirk, is a swaggering lothario, it's great to play a captain who's equally effective but doesn't operate so much from a place of ego as a place of extreme conviction in the Starfleet code and curiosity of what's out there. He's almost egoless to a fault."

Besides Discovery, last month CBS All Access announced that a spinoff is in the works starring Michelle Yeoh. The new series will expand on Yeoh’s role as Captain Philippa Georgiou, a member of Starfleet’s Section 31 division, a shadow organization within the Federation.

On top of that, Patrick Stewart is set to reprise his beloved role from Star Trek: The Next Generation -- Jean-Luc Picard. Although details of the series are still closely guarded, Kurtzman revealed in 2018 that the show will offer "a new perspective" on the captain's life.