Stormi Webster Reveals Which Parent Loves Her Most -- Kylie Jenner or Travis Scott

The little cutie appeared alongside her mom on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’

Stormi Webster could not be more cute! 

The 1-year-old daughter of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott appeared alongside her makeup mogul mommy during a game of “Burning Questions” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Little Stormi was thrilled to sit in her mom’s lap and press the buzzer button non-stop throughout the game. And though she was very sweet, that didn’t stop Kylie from revealing the biggest mess the little troublemaker has made lately. 

“Recently she’s really into M&Ms, so she gets the M&Ms and she melts them in her hands, and then you put it all over my white couch, huh?” Kylie asks her daughter. 

“Couch!” Stormi shouts in response. 

Kylie also opens up about her boyfriend Travis Scott’s sweet parenting moments with their little girl. 

“When him and Stormi play together, it’s the most funny thing ever,” she says. “They scream and they yell and he makes her fly all over the house. They have so much fun together.”

The Kylie Cosmetics founder goes on to note, “A celeb I’d like to collab with is Stormi Webster. We’ve yet to collab and I’d love to collab with you.”

And though Kylie would love to work with her little girl, Stormi has some different ideas about which of her parents loves her the most. 

“Daddy!” she shouts when her mom asks her. 

“Every time!” Kylie laughs, shaking her head. 

But the proud mom can’t help but gush, saying Stormi is “the best gift” she’s received from Travis. 

In a funny question, Kylie gave fans some insight into life with her rapper beau. 

“Travis Scott smells like… he takes a shower in the morning usually, so he smells like fresh shower and fresh cologne,” she says. “Wait, he also smells like weed a lot.”

The sexy couple recently posed together for a racy Playboy shoot. Watch the clip below for more:  


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