'Stranger Things 4' Crashes Netflix Amid Volume 2 Release -- See Fan Reactions

The Volume 2 dropped at 3 a.m. ET, and caused the streaming service to freeze for about a half hour.

Netflix and chill freeze?! That's the predicament viewers encountered Friday when a tsunami of fans tuned in at 3 a.m. ET for the release of Strangers Things season 4 Volume 2, causing the streaming giant to crash for about a half hour.

The highly anticipated release of the final two episodes of season 4 had so much demand that, according to Variety, user reports of problems with Netflix spiked exponentially when Volume 2 dropped. In fact, the outlet reported that complaints about errors with the streaming service peaked at nearly 13,000 at the top of the hour.

And some of those fans took to Twitter to express their outrage, albeit with a grin.

The good news for fans? The problem was resolved within the half hour, allowing fans to finally devour the movie-length episodes. The running time for episode 8 is at a whopping 85 minutes while episode 9 runs at a staggering 150 minutes. Variety reports that Stranger Things 4 already set the record as the No. 1 English-language series on Netflix.

The first seven episodes were released on the streaming platform during Memorial Day weekend.