'Summer House': Carl Radke Explodes on Luke Gulbranson Over a Girl (Exclusive)

Kyle Cooke and Carl Radke of Bravo's 'Summer House.'

ET has your exclusive first look at this week's 'Summer House,' which features a boys' night gone wrong.

Talk about a boys' night gone wrong.

ET has your exclusive first look at this week's all-new Summer House, which finds the guys out at the batting cages for a little bro bonding time. But, things quickly turn tense between Carl Radke and Luke Gulbranson.

First, Carl insults Luke's fashion choices… then implies that he's drinking too much before saying, "Nobody cares." But, it feels like Carl does care, because he quickly launches into an "impression" of Luke. Really, it's just Carl calling out Luke for asking Sarah, their Barry's Bootcamp instructor, out on a rock-climbing date. Carl, who as far as the viewers know, hasn't quite called things off with Lindsay Hubbard yet, has also been pursuing Sarah.

"She showed me the texts," Carl tells Luke, as Luke denies that his offer to Sarah was even a date. That doesn't compute for Carl, who raises his voice and calls Luke a "f**kboy."

"Are you f**king kidding me?" Carl adds.

"I'm not trying to f**k her, dude," Luke says. "I'm gonna take her rock climbing. I am. I'm not doing anything wrong. If you think that I'm trying to smash her, you're insecure."

It turns out that "insecure" is a bit of a trigger word, as Kyle Cooke steps in to tell Luke to stop being a "little b***h right now."

"You know what? I'll go after her, then we'll talk," Luke then proclaims, inspiring Carl to slam something against the batting cage and declare, "F**k that s**t, dude!"

Watch it all play out here:

Now, it seems as if Luke is telling the truth; up until this point, he's been pursuing housemate Hannah Berner, and it seems like things are going to heat up for them in the coming weeks -- and lead to another blowup between Luke and the guys!

"I think the guys are protective of me," Hannah told ET last week, teasing what’s to come. "I think Carl and Kyle, regardless of our fighting, they do protect me, and they were a little scared that this guy was coming in, it's like, 'Don't mess with our women!' I don't need protecting, but I do think that they kept an eye on him to try to make sure that I wasn't gonna get hurt. I also think he didn't want to get hurt. So, it goes both ways."

Summer House airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.