'Supernatural' Stars on How Michael Gave the Show New Life (Exclusive)

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Supernatural stepped outside of the box last year and the cast is looking back.

In a new featurette, available only on digital platforms Friday, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and executive producers behind The CW's longest-running series -- which signs off for good after the upcoming 15th season -- open up about season 14's biggest creative payoff: when Dean was possessed by the sinister archangel, Michael.

"Angelic possessions, they're never a good idea. They never end well," executive producer Brad Buckner sets up in ET's exclusive clip above. "Theoretically, they seem like they might be a good idea, like they might be a quick solution, which is certainly when Dean welcomed Michael in."

"The Michael character was very interesting because we have not had opportunities on Supernatural to step away from Dean. It was Michael possessing Dean as a vessel and it changed the tone of the show," Collins says.

Padalecki spoke about how Dean's temporary transformation into Michael forced him and Sam to take up the Winchester mantle.

"With Sam's brother gone, with Dean being Michael, Sam has to try and play both roles of Dean and Sam," Padalecki explains. "It was a big step for Sam to be the older brother dynamic."

"Sam has to step up. He has to take a leadership role in this little family they have of him and Jack and Cas and Mary," executive producer Andrew Dabb says. "And I think that weighs on Sam a lot. It's something that is a burden for him. I think he's equipped for it, I think he's mature enough for it but he's never done it before."

Supernatural season 14 is available now on Digital. The full featurette, "The Winchester Mythology: The Choices We Make," will be available digitally on Friday, May 17.


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