'Survivor': An Old School Player Reenters the Game -- and the Merge Gives Denise a Badass New Nickname

Denise Survivor

Survivor: Winners at Waris moving fast! 

The action continued on Wednesday's episode of the CBS reality competition series, as we saw our first reentry into the game. For weeks, old school player after old school player had been voted out by their new school counterparts, leaving the group exclusively on the Edge of Extinction -- alongside Natalie. 

At the top of this week's episode, however, host Jeff Probst announced the merge, with the Extinction crew finally getting a shot to get back in the game. Natalie, Amber, Danni, Ethan, Tyson, Boston Rob, Parvati and Yul battled it out in a fierce challenge that saw Boston Rob bring out his best. As he told Jeff on the verge of tears before the competition started, there's nothing "romantic" about being reunited with his wife, Amber, on the Edge of Extinction. He wanted off of it. 

Survivor Merge

However, it was Tyson who came out victorious, rejoining the game and the now-merged Koru tribe. "That was insane!" Ben yelled after Tyson's spectacular victory, as Tony hilariously quipped, "Now we know why Sandra went home." 

Those who came from the Edge went back to the Edge, while the remaining castaways were treated to an epic feast to celebrate making the merge. That's where Denise's epic move against Sandra was exposed for all to hear, earning her a new nickname, "The Queen Slayer," and a big target on her back. 

Things got miserable for Koru as a storm kicked into high gear, forcing Sophie to cry over how cold she was at the next immunity challenge. She hung in as long as she could, but it was Denise (who honestly needed it) who took home immunity for the women, while Jeremy won the men's immunity necklace. 

Back at the beach, it was all about strategy, with the tribe seemingly split between voting Wendell or Adam out. It was a tense post-merge tribal council which resulted in Wendell's elimination, Yul's shock, and Michele and Nick looking for potential enemies. 

Survivor Merge

"I'm captive right now, but I'm plotting a way to escape this wretched prison they call the Edge of Extinction," Wendell said as he entered the next chapter of his game. "The war is not over."

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. 


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