Taryn Manning Apologizes After Alleging Affair With a Married Man in Since-Deleted Video

The 44-year-old 'Orange Is the New Black' actor worried fans with her expletive-laced video.

Taryn Manning issued a formal apology after a since-deleted video in which she alleged that she had a relationship with a married man. 

"I was deeply hurt and handled things on a public platform when I should've just dealt with them quietly with the support of my close friends and family," the Orange Is the New Black star wrote in a statement to Instagram on Monday. "I felt a lot of guilt after exposing everything and thought maybe the best resolution to the situation would be to say I lied about it all, but that is not the truth."

Manning told her followers that she "started a relationship with somebody who was married," claiming the unnamed man "told me he would leave his wife." 

The Netflix star said she later found out "that wasn't possible." 

Manning said that she knows her actions were "wrong," adding, "but the heart makes you do crazy things sometimes." 

"I am sorry for exposing my situation; I am not sorry for how I love," she wrote, adding, "I hope to find somebody who cherishes me the way I adore them. A healthy type of love. A love that isn't so blind that it forces me to be somebody I'm not." 

She concluded her message asking for privacy "so I can heal and mend my heart." 

The statement comes after the Crossroads actress posted an expletive-laced rant on social media, alleging a relationship between her and a married man. Despite being deleted, the video has been reposted on numerous accounts. 

The NSFW video featured Manning seemingly slurring her words as she went into graphic detail about sexual acts she and the man allegedly performed. She also claimed she "can't stand" the man's wife, saying the woman threatened to "put me in jail." 

Manning previously called off her engagement to her fiancée, Anne Cline, in 2021.