Taylor Swift Searches Restored on X After AI-Generated Explicit Images Scandal

The temporary block has been lifted as the social media platform promises to stay 'vigilant' about removing the graphic content.

Swifties searching for Taylor Swift content on X are back on after a temporary block over the weekend. The pop star's name was briefly unsearchable on the social media platform amid a scandal involving AI-generated explicit photos. 

X reinstated searches for "Taylor Swift" on Monday evening. The ability to search the pop star's name "has been re-enabled and we will continue to be vigilant for attempts to spread this content and will remove it wherever we find it," Joe Benarroch, X head of business operations, said in a statement (via Variety). 

Those going on X, formerly Twitter, and typing Swift's name were previously greeted with the message "Something went wrong. Try reloading." At the bottom of the search page reads another message, "Something went wrong, but don't fret -- it's not your fault."

ET reached out to X for comment at the time and got a response that read, "Busy now, please check back later," which is an upgrade from an auto-reply with a poop emoji.

In any event, the search bug on X comes just days after explicit AI-generated photos of Swift surfaced on the social media platform last week week. It took nearly 24 hours before the fake photos were finally taken down, and the scandal prompted the actors' union SAG-AFTRA (Swift is a member) to condemn the "deeply concerning" attack.


"The sexually explicit, A.I.-generated images depicting Taylor Swift are upsetting, harmful, and deeply concerning. The development and dissemination of fake images -- especially those of a lewd nature -- without someone’s consent must be made illegal," the statement read. "As a society, we have it in our power to control these technologies, but we must act now before it is too late. SAG-AFTRA continues to support legislation by U.S. Rep. Joe Morelle, the Preventing Deepfakes of Intimate Images Act, to make sure we stop exploitation of this nature from happening again. We support Taylor and women everywhere who are the victims of this kind of theft of their privacy and right to autonomy."

It's unclear if making Swift unsearchable is connected to the since-removed explicit AI-generated images. Neither Swift nor X CEO Elon Musk have spoken publicly about the scandal.