Teddi Mellencamp and Lisa Vanderpump Settle Beef Years After 'RHOBH' Puppygate Fiasco

The two women apparently buried the hatchet of their feud earlier this month.

Teddi Mellencamp joined her fellow Two Ts in a Pod host Tamra Judge on Tuesday to review their observations from the MTV Movie & TV Awards earlier this month, and Teddi's may have been the most consequential of them all. 

Both women headed to Tom Tom Restaurant and Bar in West Hollywood after the awards, where they ran into Lisa and Ken Vanderpump and Teddi had a chance to speak to Lisa for the first time in years. Both of the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars have been locked in a feud since the 2019 puppygate scandal allegedly pushed Lisa to leave the show. Mellencamp left a year or so later when the network did not renew her contract. 

"Ultimately we just went through it," Mellencamp said of her conversation. Judge later posted a photo of the two women deep in discussion on Twitter.

"Wanna know what @TeddiMellencamp and @LisaVanderpump talked about?," Judge wrote. "🤯 Go listen to the newest @TwoTsPod episode to find out. ❤️"

"It was mainly all the things we probably would have said to each other at the reunion, had we had the reunion," Mellencamp said. Vanderpump skipped the season nine reunion episode shortly after announcing her departure. 

In 2019, Mellencamp admitted that she and her RHOBH castmates were tired of talking about puppygate, and that her involvement had been a mistake from the beginning. Mellencamp had originally alleged that Lisa spread gossip about Dorit Kemsley’s former dog, Lucy Lucy Apple Juice, but rumors about who started the feud soon got messy. Things look better now, though. "Time healed," Mellencamp said on Tuesday. "Or healed-ish." The two women may not grab drinks together anytime soon, but there seem to be calmer seas ahead for both of them.