'The Bachelor': An Ode to Peter's Mom Barbara Weber, the Hero of This Season

Barb is the highlight of every episode, tbh.

Bachelor fans have been through a lot this season with Peter Weber, but one woman has gotten us through it: his mom, Barbara Weber. 

For weeks, we've seen Peter question his decisions, get accosted by a "puma," and let his journey to find love be overwhelmed by drama between the women. We've been frustrated and we've been confused -- but we've always been entertained by end-of-episode promos of Barbara begging Peter to "bring her home" in the finale. Who is "her?" Unclear. Why is Barb crying? No clue. But that moment has been our guiding light this season, and in times of trouble, we've thought of our hero, Barb. 

"She's nominated for a Golden Globe, by the way," Chris Harrison quipped of Barbara while speaking with ET in January. "That's the thing, Peter is so close to his parents. His parents play a big part in this as well, and their emotion and all that is captured, you're going to see it."

"You're going to see it all play out," he promised. "It'll take your breath away."

Peter, meanwhile, told ET at the Women Tell All taping that "we must protect Barb at all costs," and truer words have never been spoken. 

Here are all the reasons we love Barbara Weber:

Her Crying 

"Don't let her go! Bring her home! Bring her home to us!" Barb says through tears in this season's iconic finale promo. "That's what love stories are made out of!"

Her Hoops 


Don't pretend they're not stylin'. 

Her Knowledge of Love Stories 

Barb was a flight attendant when she met Peter's dad, a pilot -- and if that's not an iconic love story, we don't know what is. All that experience finding her true love in the skies has made Barb an EXPERT in amor, and we believe her when she says Peter's got something "love stories are made out of." 

Her Support of Her Son's Sex Life

Remember when Barbara and Peter Sr. proudly cheered their son from the audience on when Hannah Brown revealed they actually had sex four times in the windmill on The Bachelorette? Well, they told ET ahead of Peter's Bachelor journey that for them, hearing about their son's sex life isn't that awkward. 

"We're very supportive parents," Barb said. 

"They are," agreed Peter -- who lives with his parents. "I've brought girls home and it's not weird. The next morning, I'll wake up and the girl is downstairs making breakfast with my mom and they're chatting it up. That's just the way it's been." 

Her Instagram Handle 

It's @sweetnums

Her Willingness to Get Re-Married on TV 


No matter how things end for Peter, The Bachelor made sure we got a wedding out of this season. Barbara and Peter Sr. graciously welcomed us to their backyard vow renewal, which was truly beautiful. Thank you for your sacrifice! 

Her Cuban Cooking 

Honestly, some of the most excitement we've gotten out of Peter this season was when he gushed over his mom's cooking. 

"Rice and black beans -- that's my all-time favorite food. And platanos. I love the Cuban food," Peter previously told ET of his favorite Cuban meal, before sharing the values he hopes to pass down to his own family.

"I think more than anything it's just the closeness and the family that the Cuban culture brings," he said. "You know family is everything on the island and just... [for] everyone around the world that is Cuban."

Her Teaching Peter Spanish

All of Peter's travels through Central and South America this season have allowed him to show off the Spanish his mom has taught him. 

"He can carry himself very well in Spanish," Barbara previously told ET. We certainly like hearing it!

Her FaceTimes


Peter wasn't without parental guidance throughout his whole Bachelor journey. The pilot checked back in with his mom when he got to Lima, Peru, and while she didn't offer him advice on wound care (which he probably could have used -- it didn't look so hot during the last rose ceremony), Barb offered him sage advice on finding love.   

Her Private Time With Peter Sr. 


Barb and Peter Sr. following Peter and Chris around to Bachelor viewing parties was one of the highlights of the Women Tell All special. And after all their support of their son's sex life, he probably could have been a little more accepting of their ~intimate time~ in the backseat of the car during the segment. 

How She Gave Peter a Good Cry Face

Sad Peter has been a staple of our most recent Bachelor episodes, and there is no question where he get that crying face from: his mama! 

This Family Photo

Love is... this exact photo and nothing else. Who doesn't love a matching family moment? Bonus points for the all white! 

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