'The Bachelor' First Sneak Peak: Colton Underwood Is Shirtless, Scared and Crying

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During Monday night's season finale of Dancing With the Stars, ABC dropped the first footage of Colton Underwood's upcoming season of The Bachelor. The Colorado resident, a workout fanatic who loves dogs and appeared on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise earlier this year, is seen shirtless, flirting and having fun in the first scenes from season 23 of the hit reality show. Underwood's much-talked-about virginity is discussed. But then, things take a turn.

"I'm scared," he says through tears as the cameras roll. Quickly, in Bachelor style, things escalate in the teaser.

"I'm f***ing done," the 26-year-old is heard saying while he walks away from cameras. Host Chris Harrison yells out after him, before dropping a "Holy s**t," himself in apparent disbelief. Then, impressively, former NFL player Underwood scales a fence in one jump, seemingly to escape being filmed. 

The promo closes with a shocked-looking contestant asking, "What just happened?"

Obviously, we don't exactly know, but the just-released footage also features plenty of crying contestants, exotic locations and generally dramatic moments, Bachelor-style. 

Earlier this year, just days after Underwood was announced as the new Bachelor, longtime host Harrison spoke to ET about the choice: "Colton's going to be good TV, and that is the reason we chose him," he promised. "It is part of the storyline, the fact that Colton's a virgin, clearly. How will the women react to that? How is he going to handle that? It's something that he's obviously dealt with his entire life and he got emotional about it. About when he was in the NFL and having to fake it," Harrison continued. "So, we are going to deal with that. We'll dive into that."

The new season begins Jan. 7 on ABC.


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