'The Bachelorette': Charity Walks Out of the Rose Ceremony as She Considers Taking One Back

Charity Lawson
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Brayden's rose may not be safe.

Charity Lawson is making some big decisions. On Monday's episode of The Bachelorette, the season's leading lady left at the conclusion of the rose ceremony to consider taking a rose back from one of her most controversial suitors.

Before that particular incident, the week started on a good note when Charity informed the guys they were heading to Oceanside, California. While most of the men were stuck making the trek via bus, Charity picked Brayden to take a helicopter to the location with her.

While Charity told the cameras that she feels "very comfortable and easy" with Brayden, she admitted the fact that he considered leaving over her record-breaking kiss with Joey "frightens" her.

Even so, the pair enjoyed a day at Petco Park, the stadium where the San Diego Padres play. After playing on the field, Brayden admitted that the whole Bachelorette process might be "too much," a reveal that Charity found "scary."

"What are we doing and why are we here?" Charity asked the cameras. "I don't want to be with someone where I'm not a priority or they don't think I'm worth fighting for... I need to figure out if he's capable of being the one."

During the nighttime portion of their date, Brayden opened up about how being on the show makes him feel like he's "walking back into the trauma" of being cheated on in the past. Still, he promised to continue to try, which was enough to earn him the rose.

On the group date, Charity and her men were joined by JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers for a Barbie-themed date. Each suitor had to dress up in one of Ken's iconic looks to write and perform a song set to the tune of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."

Though Caleb impressed with his vocal chops, it was Sean who won the competition with his confident performance. The big win granted Sean some one-on-one time with Charity, something he couldn't help but rub in the other guys' faces. Aaron S. was particularly peeved by Sean's antics, telling the cameras the software sale representative was a "selfish privileged child." Neither Sean nor Aaron S. won the group date rose, with that particular honor going to Dotun.

Charity then set off for her second one-on-one date of the week, this one with Warwick. Though Charity said she was "physically attracted" to the construction manager, their date at a carnival was awkward and stilted. That was never more true than when Warwick admitted that he's "somewhat reluctant to get into relationships," which Charity called "ridiculous." Given that, Charity sent Warwick home, but he seemed unaffected, even falling asleep in the car as he was driven away.

As the men prepared for the cocktail party, Brayden made a shocking confession, telling several of his fellow suitors, "I'm not sure if I could do this, like, getting engaged after just dating with 20 other dudes. I mean, I know I could for sure date her after this experience. For me, the only thing that's going to be hard is if I could 100 percent get down on a knee after this experience."

Once Charity arrived, she had good conversations with Joey, Xavier and Brayden, the latter of whom left his time saying, "I got the rose on my chest, it's smelling good. I got lip gloss on my lips, it's feeling good."

Not feeling the love was Aaron B., as Brayden's earlier comments had "struck a nerve" with him. He decided to bring up the situation as he talked to Charity, confessing that Brayden isn't sure of her, is not ready for an engagement, and has been vocal "about not wanting to be with someone who's dated 20 of his friends."

The reveal made Charity feel "a little sick," as she told the cameras, "I don't have time to continue to deal with foolishness." The fact that Brayden had a rose didn't make him any safer in Charity's eyes, as she said, "I will do what has not been done. I have no problem pulling this man aside. He has a f**king rose on his chest. I will rip that s**t off."

She quickly pulled Brayden to discuss the situation, and he defended his position, saying he's not ready to get engaged just yet and admitting that it has been hard for him to deal with her other suitors.

"My hesitancies are more real than what anyone else is expressing," he said, before promising to work to continue their connection. Charity let Brayden keep his rose for the time being, before handing out flowers to Aaron B., Caleb B., Xavier, Joey, Michael, John, Sean and Tanner.

Charity was still questioning herself after she handed the last rose out, though, and decided to step out of the room to make her final decision. Ultimately, she let Brayden continue on for another week explaining, "I decided to let Brayden stay, because for me, he is a strong connection. That was hard. I didn't want to act tonight too prematurely on anything." 

But it looks like the drama will continue into next week, as the preview shows the guys confronting Brayden by telling him, "You are not a man." Brayden isn't having that as he fires back by telling them, "I'll whoop your a**, bro. Get in my face, dude." 

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