The Biggest Engagement Ring Trends of 2019, According to Jewelry Designers (Exclusive)

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Whether you're seriously shopping or looking for fun, discover the ring styles you need to know about -- straight from the experts.

Whether you're seriously shopping, hinting to your S.O. or just looking for fun, there's never a wrong time to browse through engagement rings. 

Plus, with so many celebs popping the question recently, we can't help but get all the feels! 

To help your search, we've tapped the chicest fine jewelry designers to sound off on the ring trends that'll be huge this year, and 2019 is expecting to be all about unique shapes and unexpected, modern styles that'll feel very special and characteristic on brides-to-be.

From flipped diamonds to designs that incorporate negative space, discover the dreamy engagement rings that'll have you saying, "it's the one." 

East-West Positioning 

"For 2019 we are seeing a trend in simple engagement rings with subtle but unique details. 'Simple to you, special for me'  is executed in a myriad of ways. From adding claw-prongs to a simple solitaire or taking a clustered take on a classic three stone to flipping a solitaire on its axis for an east-west look.  All are classic in essence but offer something differentiating and unique for the bride."

-- Brittany Bozmoski, CMO of Diamond Nexus

Diamond Nexus

Diamond Nexus East-West Classic Emerald Cut Engagement Ring $1169, Sale $936

“At Tacori, we’re talking about unexpected shapes, beautiful pops of color and intricate handcrafted-in-California details that are proof that pretty, unique engagement rings are on the rise. One of the top trends we’re seeing is the east-west directionally chic rings. We’re looking at unexpected diamond shapes, flipped that offer a natural low-profile fit on the hand that is modern and unique.”

-- Michelle Chila, fashion director of Tacori 


Tacori Simply Tacori Oval Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum $3890

Half-Moon Shape

"More and more customers are opting for unique shapes that stand out from a crowd and might better represent their personality. We've had a lot of demand for our half-moon shaped Helia Ring as of late and we expect this to continue well into 2019!"

-- Selin Kent, designer

Selin Kent

Selin Kent Helia Pavé Ring $3900

Pear Shape 

"With stars like Emily Ratajkowski and Ariana Grande gravitating towards fancy cut diamonds, the pear shape is becoming very popular, and for good reason; its faceted cut and feminine curves make it one of the most elegant and flattering shapes for the hand. We’re seeing this cut paired with delicate diamond halos, which highlights the stone’s shape, while intensifying its sparkle."

-- Neil Lane, designer


Neil Lane Diamond Bridal Set 14k White Gold $3599, Sale $2880

“We are seeing an interest in the classic solitaire silhouette, but in unusual shapes, stones or orientations. We have added more pear-shaped diamond rings to the collection for this reason, both in Hazeline (as a champagne diamond solitaire) and in our Luna as an east-west halo ring.”

-- Anna Sheffield, designer

Anna Sheffield

Anna Sheffield Pear Hazeline Ring in Rose Gold & 1.05k Champagne Diamond $5900

Standout Solitaire

"It’s all about the solitaire with an edge. The diamond is the focus this year in my opinion, whether it’s a colored one, an opaque one or a spectacular looking white one in a killer setting, accentuating the stone itself."

-- Jade Trau, designer 

Jade Trau

Jade Trau Sadie Solitaire Ring $5150 


"One of the biggest engagement ring trends for 2019 is vintage-inspired designs, which have been updated for the modern consumer. By taking classic design elements from vintage-style engagement rings, but losing some of the impracticalities you can have a ring that is timeless with a twist."

-- Rachel Boston, designer

Rachel Boston

Rachel Boston White Diamond Juno Ring $4582

Band Style 

"Special band-style rings! Women are wanting something modern that feels fresh and wearable for everyday while still packing in some bling."

-- Emily Goldstein, designer of EF Collection 

EF Collection

EF Collection Diamond Channel Set Baguette Eternity Stack Ring $2750


"Couples have been looking for something more special and unconventional that not a lot of people have. They have become more open to wearing unusual settings with non-traditional silhouettes. Our two-stone engagement rings have been receiving a lot of requests, especially our Pear Duét Ring, Mommy+Me Ring and Highland Ring. These styles are distinct and add an element of unexpected but they still carry a timeless appeal.

-- Katherine Kim, designer of KatKim


KatKim Highland Ring, Price upon request 


"Brides today want to reflect their individual personalities and our Three-Stone Integrity diamond engagement ring is one of our best sellers."

-- Krista Beerman, vice president of product for Hearts On Fire

Hearts On Fire

Hearts On Fire Integrity HOF Three Stone Metal Semi-Mount $3290

"When it comes to engagement rings styles for 2019, there is a three-stone trend that I have been seeing a lot of my clients requesting. 2018 was about two stones, this year it's about three. Whether the band is modern, classic, minimal or bold -- three stones are better than one."

-- Moritz Glik, designer

Moritz Glik

Diamonds, Opals and Paraiba Tourmalines Set and White Sapphire Kaleidoscope Shaker in 18K Rose Gold and White Enamel, $8740

Negative Space 

"One of the biggest engagement ring trends of 2019 are rings that feature negative space incorporated within the design. Whether it's a subtle accent or a dramatic element within the design, the negative space allows the ring to have presence while still retaining a dainty, graceful aesthetic."

-- Zahava Ryzman, designer of Sarah Chloe

Sarah Chloe

Sarah Chloe Quinn Engagement Ring $15,000

Step-Cut Diamond

"Step-cut diamonds will be very popular this year used both as a center diamond choice and as accent diamonds. Step-cut diamonds include asscher, emerald and baguette-cut diamonds. These diamonds are classic, simple and stand out."

-- Ashley Zhang, designer

Ashley Zhang

Ashley Zhang Diana Asscher Cut Engagement Ring $21,600

Colored Band 

"I think that color has made its way back into the fashion world, and we'll see that trickle down into bridal as well in fun and fashion-forward ways."

-- Stephanie Gottlieb, designer

Stephanie Gottlieb

Stephanie Gottlieb Band and a Half Engagement Ring, Price upon request 

Colored Diamond

"For 2019, we are predicting colored diamond engagement rings will pick up popularity. It's the best of both worlds because you're still getting a diamond, but you have a touch of uniqueness and at the price of a colored stone."

-- Bobby Hematian, president of EFFY 


EFFY Canare 18k Two-Tone Gold Yellow & White Gold Diamond Ring $28,000, Sale $16,500

Rose-Gold Setting 

"We’ve seen a trend of customers gravitating towards more unique shapes, one-of-a-kind diamonds that are set in rose gold or yellow gold, as opposed to the once-standard platinum."

-- Anita Ko, designer

Anita Ko

Anita Ko Couture Ring $250,000

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