'The Courtship': What to Expect From the Show That Combines 'The Bachelor' With 'Bridgerton' (Exclusive)

The new Regency-era dating series premieres Sunday, March 6 on NBC.

The Courtship is taking dating back to the Regency era.

On NBC's new reality dating show, which combines the dating process of The Bachelor and the classic courting of Bridgerton, Nicole Remy, a modern girl tired of modern dating, travels back to England’s romance era with the hope of finding her true soulmate. ET spoke with Remy ahead of the show's premiere on Sunday, where she shared what enticed her to try this unique approach to dating.

"I mean, I've done dating apps, but like you see, it's swiping left and right, it's the same sort of, like, quick text," Remy explained of what drew her to the Regency-era method of dating. "OK, there's catfishing, there's no-shows, you just never know what you're going to see. And for me, it was like, I want something a little more authentic and pure and simple. And sort of, going back to this time where chivalry was more relevant."

Remy isn't just trying an old approach to finding love, she's fully immersing herself in it, by moving into a grand 19th-century castle set among the rolling hills of the English countryside -- and the self-proclaimed Bridgerton fan was all for it.

"The chivalry, the romanticism, the carriage rides, the horseback riding, all of it was just so simple and just beautiful," she gushed. "And for me, it was like, 'Yeah, I get to be a princess and find my prince?' Absolutely! Like sign me up,' you know?"

A group of 16 eligible suitors will battle to win Remy's heart in a series of grand-courting gestures of the past, which will include Regency-era dances, archery, handwritten letters and more.

In addition to winning over Remy, the suitors must also get the seal of approval from her trusted Court, which includes her father, Claude, her mother, Claire, her sister, Danie, and her best friend, Tessa. The Court even chooses dates for Remy.

"Some were smoother than others. You'll see. I mean, we dance and that sort of stuff, some of them definitely have two left feet, but some of them came in obviously knowing a little bit of stuff, and I think what was most important, was that they were all open to learning, and learning manners, and learning chivalry," she shared of the men who courted her. "It was almost like as soon as they put on that outfit, they became this, like, 19th century gentleman."

While the men had to learn to swap out their modern dating tendencies for an old-world approach, Remy told ET she learned a little something from the men vying for her heart, too.

"I learned a lot from them, I really did. I think what I learned, first and foremost, was how I should be valued," the Seattle-based software engineer said. "I think that's really the most thing. And just how sweet and kind and thoughtful they all were to me throughout the whole experience. I learned that's how I want to be treated all the time. That's how women should be treated."

The dates were equally as thoughtful, with horseback riding and fireworks being just some of what Remy was treated to on their outings.

"The dates were so beautiful. I mean, just from the trailer, you see fireworks, you see horseback riding, you see boat rides, you see archery," Remy revealed. "When was the last time you went on a bumble date and said, 'Hey, let's go shoot an arrow after?' Like, you never do, right? "

"This is so unique and special, and I feel like it's everyone's dream just to do something fun and different," she continued. "I don't want to just go grab drinks again. So, having these unique experiences without social media, without phones and electronics, it just was pure."

Of course, a trip back to Regency-era England wouldn't be complete without the clothing, which Remy called "a dream."

"It was epic, and it took a little bit of time, right? I mean, you have to learn how to put on the corset. And the guys were putting on the tights, and the trousers, and the jackets, and everything had to look just right," she said of the show's 19th-century wardrobe. "But everything was handmade, and just absolutely stunning to fit all of us. And Italian silk made in Paris. I mean, that's a dream."

"I feel like I'm a part of the royal family," she added.

See Remy's journey to find love when The Courtship premieres March 6 at 8:00 p.m. PT on NBC.