'The Kardashians' Recap: Khloe Kardashian Reveals Tristan Thompson Proposed and She Never Told Her Family

Khloe and Kim Kardashian talk about Tristan's secret proposal in December 2020 and how Khloe responded at the time.

Turns out, Khloe Kardashian is very good at keeping secrets, even from her own family. On Thursday's episode of The Kardashians, the family explains that they are flashing back in time six months prior to the premiere episode. The Hulu reality series decided to share Khloe's baby news up front in the show's premiere, noting that Khloe did not discuss her son in the episodes leading up to the birth of her child. 

Now we are seeing the aftermath of Khloe's split from Tristan Thompson amid his paternity scandal without the mention that they are having a second child together. 

In the second episode of season 2, Khloe and her sister, Kim Kardashian, reveal that Tristan proposed to Khloe in December 2020, and no one in her family even found out until February 2021 when Kim asked Tristan about it. 

"He was going to propose to her on Valentine's Day, which was a year since they had drama, so this is last Valentine's Day, and then I called him the day after and I was like, 'Hey, I never heard anything from Khloe, oh my god, did you propose?'" Kim recalls in an aside interview. "And he was like, 'Yeah, I did in December.'"

Khloe reveals that she turned Tristan down at the time because she wasn't feeling confident in their relationship.  

"I said, 'I need to make sure this is a totally different relationship because I want to be proud to say I'm engaged to anyone,'" Khloe says. "And that's why I said, 'I'm not comfortable accepting this right now because I'm not excited to tell my family.' And as hurtful as that probably was for him to hear, it was the truth. I'm not ever going to accept something and give someone false hope. And I said that to him." 

Kim admits to being shocked that Khloe was able to turn down Tristan's proposal, saying, "Oof, I don't know, if someone asked me, I'd just have to say yes. I'd feel so bad." 

Khloe does not confirm in the episode if the giant diamond sparkler she was sporting in early 2021 was the ring Tristan proposed with. She posted several photos of the massive bling on her Instagram account, sparking lots of engagement rumors. 

But one thing is clear, the stress of Tristan's paternity scandal and their subsequent split is weighing heavy on Khloe's shoulders. In fact, Kim starts off their conversation by telling her sister that Kendall and Kylie Jenner expressed concern over the fact that Khloe was "really skinny." 

"And Kendall said it? The model?" Khloe asks incredulously of her younger sister. 

Kim says she assured their younger siblings that Khloe was, in fact, "fine," and Khloe says she prefers to just deal with the fallout from her relationship with Tristan by isolating. 

"Going through what I went through with Tristan is incredibly hard," Khloe admits in an aside interview. "The hardest part about it all is training yourself to un-love someone. This was my life for six years. We weren't just a couple, we genuinely were best friends. He was my workout buddy. We did all these things together, so learning how to undo all those things, that takes time. Just because someone does you dirty doesn't mean you fall out of love with them instantly."

Khloe adds that their relationship was in the best place it had ever been in when he cheated on her, calling the situation "humiliating" and "hurtful." 

"I'm just like shame on me, almost. I know better, and I didn't do better because I have so much hope and faith," Khloe says of continuing the romance with the NBA star.  

She adds that rather than feeling "strong" as many people label her, she simply feels "numb" after enduring everything she has. 

"I just worry for her because I think she holds so much in," Kim admits in an aside interview. 

Kim also touches on her own romance with Pete Davidson, saying she innately trusts the comedian.  

"I just do, like, it's a feeling," Kim tells Khloe of Pete.  

Though Khloe is clearly holding a lot back in the episode, it is shocking to know that she's also dealing with the emotional turmoil of knowing that she and Tristan are having another baby via surrogate at this time. 

In the show's premiere episode, Khloe revealed that she did an embryo transfer just days before the news of Tristan's paternity lawsuit broke, detailing that her ex had deceived her by encouraging her to do the transfer by a certain date, knowing he was the father of another child. 

Their baby boy, whose name has still not been revealed, was born via surrogate on July 28. Khloe allowed Tristan to come to the hospital to meet his son amid the fallout. 

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