'The Masked Singer': Robin Thicke Dishes on Secret Clues and Season 2! (Exclusive)

The singer serves as a panelist on Fox's hot new singing competition show.

The Masked Singer is the latest reality competition sensation -- with fans tuning in every week to watch incognito celebs croon hits songs from behind elaborate masks, as famous panelists and fans at home take their best guesses as to the secret singers' identities!

Robin Thicke serves as one of the panelists on the show, alongside Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Ken Jeong, and he told ET's Nischelle Turner on Wednesday that he's having the time of his life being bewildered by surprise celebs' singing talent.

"What is fun, you know, is just being in the supermarket or just walking down the street or even picking my kid up from school, and somebody is always leaning over, [asking] 'Who is The Poodle?' 'I think I know who The Rabbit is, I think I know,'" Thicke said with a laugh. "Also what is great, my 90-year-old grandfather is watching and guessing, and my 8-year-old son, so we've got four generations. As an entertainer, it's really nice to have something the whole family can enjoy and be a part of."

Each week, the panelists take their best guess at who is behind each elaborate mask, but, as Thicke explains, the new clues and performances can sometimes make things even more confusing.

"The thing that is exciting about the show is when they do a different song, you get different ideas about who it might be, just by the choice of song or by the vocal tone in that song," he noted. "Somebody who you thought you were sure of last week, you might completely change your mind this week."

"I remember I thought I had it pegged a few times, but it was completely wrong," he added. "I was way off, and then the last second I saw something or noticed something and said, 'Oh now I get who it is.'"

While Thicke can't give anything away about the remaining singers' true identities -- "I like this show, I want to be back!" -- he did offer a few vague words about some of the crooning contestants:

The Lion: "Golden. Big and gold." 
The Alien: "Out of this world."
The Raven: "She's done talk shows or something, is what we've learned in the first couple episodes. Then they might throw you through some loops along the way."
The Rabbit: "Nice guy. Works hard. The rabbit is funny, though. He's a dual threat. He's got a great sense of humor."
The Unicorn: "Lovely. Majestic. Mythological."

And the "Blurred Lines" singer said things are only going to get more mind-blowing as the season continues. "The finale, I was blown away [by] the winner. The last two or three in the finale I was way off, and completely surprised and enthralled, because it is some big stars at the end."

As for the future of the hit show, Thicke noted that while a season 2 is not yet being discussed formally, "it's definitely going to happen."

"The thing that I thought about the show, when I first heard it, was that, like I said, Americans love celebrities. And we think we know it all," he explained. "And just like on Dancing With the Stars, there's always going to be 12 celebs that want to come back and prove themselves and show off their talents."

"One of the unmasked singers mentioned when they were unmasked that they really wanted to do the show because they wanted to be appreciated for their talent before they were prejudged," he added. "I think that's also what's going to last for so long, it's people wanting to come on the show and show they can sing and perform, without being judged for what they've done previously."

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox. See more on the hit show in the video below.