'The Masked Singer': The Biggest Clues, Best Performances and Most Exciting Moments From Week 3!

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The Masked Singer returned on Wednesday, and ET is following along throughout the entire hour-long episode to break down all the biggest moments, best performances, and most revealing clues.

Fox's smash hit who-sung-it reality competition is bringing back Group A once again for the group's big play-offs episode. Four costumed contestants were whittled down to three after The Turtle, The White Tiger, Miss Monster and The Kangaroo battled it out in an effort to wow the audience and stay in the game.

The show's celebrated panel of celebrity "detectives" -- including Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, and Jenny McCarthy, along with a special guest panelist who were revealed during the show -- tried their best to guess the singers' secret identities, as fans at home keep their eyes peeled for all the smallest and most revealing clues.

The fun kicked off at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox, and fans watched and followed along as we delved into the glorious madness and bizarre, captivating chaos that is The Masked Singer season three!

Check out the live blog below:

Coming Up Next Week...

6:01 PM:

Before ending the episode, Nick also introduces us to the six singers we're gonna meet next week!

The line-up for Group B includes: The Banana, The Elephant, The Kitty, The Taco, The Mouse and The Frog!

So Who Is Under the Mask?

6:00 PM:

As it turns out, Robin and Nicole are 100 percent spot-on! (And, as a side note, so were we in our spoilers and predictions article!)

"I just gotta say, I have studied your voice so much. I'm so deeply inspired by you," Nicole shares.

However, Nick asks the question we're all wondering: "What went down in Sin City with Robin Thicke?"

"We were on a show together," Chaka explains. "It was 10 years ago."

Robin shoots back, "I didn't forget it."

As Chaka performs her unmasked encore of the Lesley Gore tune, Robin and Nicole run into the audience to "get a front row seat" like two superfans and it's truly adorable.

OK, For Reals Now, Here's Who Is Going Home And Unmasking?

5:58 PM:

After catching us all in the same cliffhanger we get every week, The Masked Singer returns from commercial break and reveals that it's Miss Monster who is going home!

However, before they unmask, the panelists get one last shot at nailing their identity:

Panelists' Final Guesses:

Nicole says Chaka Khan.

Ken says  Reba McEntire

Jenny says Queen Latifah

Leah says Mary Wilson

Robin says Chaka Khan

Who Is going Home?

5:51 PM:

The moment of truth has come! The four singers have to get cut down to three singers, who will advance to the final three, and then those three move on to the Super Nine! (This season is confusing.)

Anyway, after all four singers gave it their all, it's up to the audience and judges to vote on who should stay, and the singer with the fewest votes is going home.

And the contestant going home is....

... going to be revealed after the commercial break! Again! Obviously! I always fall for this! Every week! Argh!

The White Tiger Plans To Rock You

5:49 PM:

The White Tiger's performance on The Masked Singer  couldn't really be called "singing" but it was some fun "talking to a beat, sort of." It was his fun attempt at Queen's "We Will Rock You" that stole the heart of the crowd, despite being objectively not good.

"Every time, wihtout fail, he delivers," Nicole says. "What I love about White Tiger is that you just go for any note, it doesn't even matter. We're with ya!"

The White Tiger reads his Valentine's Day card clue to Jenny (which breaks Ken's heart): "Jenny, I'm wild about you. But I know your husband will appreciate this card even more."

Panelists' Guesses:

Jenny thinks it's Rob Gronkowski (and we're pretty sure she's right).

Ken says it famed male model Fabio.

Nicole thinks it's Joe Manganiello. 

The White Tiger -- NEW CLUES!!

5:43 PM:

The White Tiger:

- Shows off some dance moves, in a segment before his clue package. He's apparently very proud of his dancing prowess.

- Says, "Look who's still here! Shocked? Me too!"

- Says, "I knew going into this competition, I was never going to be the best singer. But I wasn't gonna let that stop me. I've always known how to work a crowd, and that's been my strategy here all along."

- He introduces his old college buddy, who says they were roommates during their freshman year. The College Buddy appears to be a bar tender, and has a dartboard for a mark.

- The College Buddy says, "Man was he fun! One time, we met these two smoking hot ladies at the club." He says that White Tiger "knew exactly what to do to edge out our competition" among the other men at the club.

- The College Buddy says, "He told the girls we were professional dancers, of the Magic Mike variety. And on-the-spot, he and I made up this ridiculous routine. Before we knew it, all the ladies were cheering us on."

- The College Buddy says, "The other dudes didn't stand a chance. You smell what I'm cooking?"

- On the bar there is a quarter, two empty pitchers and a phone that is off the hook.

- We see pads of butter partially unwrapped from their foil on the bartop as well.

- We see a neon sign on the wall that says, "Historic Route 66."

- The College Buddy says of The White Tiger, "When he commits to something, he doesn't stop till he wins."

The Masked Singer Is Going On Tour!?

5:38 PM:

So, this is exciting! Nick reveals that The Masked Singer Tour is kicking off to give fans a chance to experience the madness in person.

"Your favorite show is coming to a city near you and bringing all the crazy with us," Nick explains, with some respectable self-awareness.

It might sound like an insane idea, but then again this entire sounds like an insane idea and it's still the most fun hour of TV every week.

The Kangaroo Shines Bright

5:37 PM:

The Kangaroo brings a lot of emotion to every performance she delivers, and this week's cover of Rihanna's "Diamonds" is no different. She had the panelists on their feet and the audience pretending to hop like kangaroos while chanting her name,

"Every line she sings is truly from the heart and you feel that, it resonates. Great job!" Robin shares.

The Kangaroo reads her Valentine's Day card clue to Leah (but not before Leah jokingly makes out with Ken just to annoy him): "We've sat at the same table, and your courage has inspired me."

Panelists' Guesses:

Ken says it's Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Nicole says it could be Lindsay Lohan (even though it is NEVER going to be Lindsay Lohan).

Jenny says it's Jordin Sparks.

The Kangaroo -- NEW CLUES!!

5:32 PM:

The Kangaroo:

- Says, "I'm so humble to be here in the Group A championships. I wasn't sure I'd make it this far."

- Says, "I feel empowered to fight my way into the Super Nine!"

- She introduces her younger brother, whose costume is just a potted plant over his head.

- He says, "The Kangaroo is my older sister by only one year, but honestly, I've always looked up to her."

- He says she was "a bit of a drama queen in her teenage years."

- In a garden patio, we see a toy model airplane hanging from the ceiling, as well as a boom microphone.

- He says she's "the most resilient person I know."

- He says, "When tragedy hit our family, she was the glue that held us all together. And since then, we've only gotten closer."

- We see a yarn statue of an angel standing  on the floor in the corner.

- He says, "Her grace under pressure and ability to rise above the haters is always something I've admired."

- We see an old parasol in the background.

- He's says he "couldn't be more proud," and adds, "I love you sis! Knock 'em dead tonight."

Miss Monster Can't Be Bought

5:25 PM:

Miss Monster proves she's definitely a classic diva with her powerful performance of "You Don't Own Me" by Lesley Gore.

The number saw Miss Monster surrounded by paparazzi crowding her personal space before she blows them away with her high notes and amazing range.

"You have such an iconic voice, a legendary voice," Nicole says. "The effortlessness to your performances makes it always an honor just to hear you."

Miss Monster writes her Valentine's Day card clue to Robin (although the card is read by Nick, for some reason): "I only have eye for you. We even had a rendezvous in Sin City."

Panelists' Guesses:

Leah says it could be Mary Wilson of The Supremes.

Jenny thinks the clue package had some "Chicago" hints and guesses Queen Latifah.

Nicole and Robin both think it could be Gloria Gaynor.

Miss Monster -- NEW CLUES!!

5:21 PM:

Miss Monster:

- Says, "I love performing under this mask, because I get to prove that true art comes from within."

- She introduces us to her hair stylist.

- Her stylist -- who looks like The Monster from Season 1, but with a mustache -- says Miss Monster is his "spiritual mom."

- We see a slice of pizza hanging on a clothes line, along with a black-and-white checkered teddy bear with a green scarf,  a pair of white socks and some camouflage fabric.

- Her stylist says, "I was intimidated to meet her at first, but like many misunderstood monsters, she wasn't scary at all."

- Her stylist says he was 18 years old when he became her stylist, after her usual person was late and she needed to get ready for a big event.

- He says, "All she had was her curling iron in her purse, but I made it work. And trust me, you can't hurry good hair."

- He says, "Miss Monster has been through a lot, and she hasn't always been seen in the press for who she really is. She's all about spreading love, and that's what she's doing here on the stage."

There's Nothing Holdin' The Turtle Back

5:15 PM:

The Turtle proves once again that he's one of the strongest singers of the past three seasons with a performance of "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" by Shawn Mendes.

"That is my favorite performance so far!" Nicole marvels.

"The top three performers from tonight's show move on... and there's just no way you're not going to make it," Jenny adds.

The week, the contestants have all written Valentine's cards to the judges which also serve as clues.

The Turtle reads his card to Nicole: "I'll never forget the morning we spent together. It was turtle-ly awesome."

Panelists' Guesses:

Jenny guesses Nick Lachey.

Leah thinks it's Jaden Smith.

Nicole thinks it could be Hunter Hayes.

The Turtle -- NEW CLUES!!

5:07 PM:

The Turtle:

- Says, "I'm having a shell of a good time on this show being whoever I want."

- This week, we start meeting the costumed contestants' family and friends, who are also costumed. The Turtle introduces us to his 9th Grade bio teacher, "Ms. S."

- Ms. S -- who's mask is a set of books, and it's freaky -- has an office full of decorations includng animal skulls and a butterfly and a heart in a jar.

- She's got a chalk board with the symbols for Alpha and Omega.

- Ms. S says, "He's the most driven student I've ever had."

- We see a map with a pin in Seoul, South Korea.

- Ms. S says, "Turtle, good luck on the show. I hope you have the time of your life."

- We see a bat inside a jar.

A Valentine's Day KISS

5:06 PM:

In honor of the holiday of love, all the remaining contestants in Group A take the stage together for a big four-person performance of KISS' iconic tune "Rock and Roll All Nite."

It's every bit as bizarre, surreal and trippy as we've come to love and expect from this wonderful fever dream of a reality series.

Tonight's Guest Panelist

5:03 PM:

We've had Jamie Foxx and Jason Biggs this season already, and tonight we've got Leah Remini joining the table!

From the first moment she's on screen, she mocks the show's unmasking ceremony by pretending to struggle with her own masquerade mask, and I love her already!

Group A Is Duking It Out

5:00 PM:

Tonight is the big night for Group A! 

After this week, we'll finally get to see the next six contestants. But this week, we're going to see who makes the final three slots! Then, they will move on to the big group of nine finalists -- the so-called Super Nine -- after Group B and Group C get cut down in the coming weeks.

(*Note: Live Blogging kicks off at 8 p.m. ET, 5 p.m. PT).

Last week, fans had to bid farewell to the second star to get the axe this season -- The Llama. After the panelists made their final, close-but-still-wrong guesses, The Llama removed his helmet and revealed himself to be none other than comedian and The Price Is Right host Drew Carey!

Check out the video below for a look at more on the wild unmasking during the last episode of The Masked Singer.


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