'The Masked Singer' Season 6: Spoilers, Clues & Our Best Guesses at the Stars' Secret Identities

Masked Singer Season 6 Spoilers
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ET is on the case with our top theories on the famous faces behind those elaborate masks.

Get out your magnifying glasses, flip open your notebooks and bring up a new Google tab, detectives, because The Masked Singer returns Wednesday for the season 6 grand finale! The Queen of Hearts and The Bull are hitting the stage for an epic head-to-head showdown before a winner is crowned and both stars are unmasked!

While the music and performances make the show great, it's the wild guessing game at the core of the show that make it such an obsession for the super fans! We're here to break down all the fresh new hints, dish on the fun spoilers and collect all the clues about the hidden celebs' secret identities.

From hints buried deep in the show's various clue packages throughout the season, to some of the internet's best guesses and aggregated deductions, we're compiling a comprehensive breakdown of every piece of evidence to try and crack the case of who's under each elaborate mask.

We're also here to keep track of everyone who's been unmasked, just like we did for season 1, for season 2, for season 3 (where we nailed nearly every prediction), for season 4 and for the surprisingly challenging season 5! And, as more stars are unmasked over the course of the season, ET will update this master list with new clues and theories about the celebrity inside each costume. For now, here's a look at what we know thus far about each season 6 character.


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The Clues:

Episode 1 Clues

Episode 2 Clues

Episode 4 Clues

Episode 6 Clues

Group A Finals Clues

- Says, "I grew up in a small, small town that was surrounded by cows."

- Says he wants to be the "greatest of all time."

- The Bull has an old-timey map with the city of "Cooperstown" highlighted -- the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

- Says, "The doors I knocked on simply didn't open. I heard 'No' again and again and again. I didn't give up and eventually Hollywood, and even Forbes, took notice."

- We see The Astronaut floating in the sky.

- A stuffed animal lion is sitting on a rock.

- Says, "When I was in school, I marched to the beat of my own drum."

- He holds up a framed photo of the Disney Concert Hall in LA.

- We see some scrubs and a stethoscope.

- We see a flyer for Carnegie Hall.

- Says, "As a kid, I was actually a wall flower, but now I'm the life of the party."

- Says there couldn't be a better time to sing the song he's gonna perform tonight to show support and solidarity with the "one and only Britney Spears."

- Says, "I definitely know I have what it takes and tonight I get to be in the center of the ring."

- There's a pile of nails on a table.

- We see a framed photo of Hall & Oates.

- He holds up comedy and tragedy masks.

The Internets Most Popular Guesses: Todrick Hall, Bernie Williams, Kel Mitchell.

Our Best Guess: Nearly all of the clues point to Todrick Hall. From the obvious allusions to his name (Disney Concert Hall, Basball Hall of Fame, Carnegie Hall) to the subtle references to some of his popular videos and songs.

For example, the stuffed lion could be a reference to his "Epic Beyoncé Lion King Mashup" video that went viral in 2019. The pile of nails on the table could be linked to his breakthrough tune "Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels."

Additionally, Hall was born and raised in Plainview, Texas, a small farming town known for its cattle industry. He's also done a lot of acting in music videos and TV, hence the comedy and tragedy theater masks.



The Clues:

Episode 3 Clues

Episode 5 Clues

Episode 8 Clues

Group B Finals Clues

- There's a clear Wizard of Oz vibe to the setting on her clue package.

- There's a clock set to 11:00.

- She says she grew up in a house without a lot of warmth.

- There's a man in a Tin Man mask who hands her glass bottle that she drinks out of.
- She says she "left home" when she was "pretty young" and that it was "definitely scary at times."

- We see a framed photo of Hilary Swank with the letters BFF under it.

- Says, "All of our hearts are destined to be broken. It's what we do with the pieces that make us extraordinary."

- She makes a reference to "getting back on the horse" after a break up.

- She's apparently single and on a dating app.

- She says, "I've been know to turn down some big opportunities with big price tags."

-She says, "There was definitely a time in my life when I was living like an animal. My primary concerns were where to get food and where to get shelter than was safe."

The Internets Most Popular Guesses: Jewel, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus

Our Best Guess: It's hard to imagine this is anyone but Jewel. There's a lot of references to her living like a nomad, and not having a lot of money when she began, which matches up. She grew up in Anchorage, Alaska (a.k.a. a home without a lot of warmth). The Alice in Wonderland vibes in the first clue package could be a reference to her album Goodbye Alice in Wonderland. Meanwhile, the nod to Wizard of Oz is almost certainly a call back her role in The Wizard of Oz in Concert: Dreams Come True back in the 90s. It would be truly shocking if it turned out to be anybody else.


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And The Star Is...

... NBA superstar Dwight Howard!


Michael Becker / FOX

And The Star Is...

... Vivica A. Fox!


Michael Becker / FOX

 And The Star Is...

... seven-time GRAMMY winner Toni Braxton!


Michael Becker / FOX

 And The Star Is...

... Best-selling hip hop superstar Tyga.

THE BABY (Wild Card Contestant) -- **REVEALED!!

Michael Becker / FOX

And the Star Is:

... Larry the Cable Guy!



And the Star Is:

... legendary songstress Ruth Pointer of the Pointer Sisters!


Michael Becker / FOX

And the Star Is:

... comedian and SNL alum Rob Schneider! 


Michael Becker / FOX

And The Star Is...

... Mama June and Honey Boo Boo.


Michael Becker / FOX

And The Star Is...

... Sex Pistols musician and punk icon Johnny Rotten!


Michael Becker / FOX

And The Star Is...

... Celebrated singer-songwriter Natasha Bedingfield!


Michael Becker / FOX

And The Star Is...

... Duck Dynasty star, and surprisingly decent singer, Willie Robertson.



And The Star Is...

... Queer Eye star Bobby Berk!


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And The Star Is...

... singer and reality star Faith Evans!



And The Star Is...

 ... Legendary producer and composer David Foster and his wife, singer and actress Katharine McPhee!