'The Masked Singer': The Eagle Sent Soaring Home After Exciting Week 3 -- See Who Was Under the Mask!


*Caution: Spoilers ahead!*

The competition is heating up and the mystery is getting even more thrilling after week 3 of The Masked Singer!

Wednesday's episode introduced four new costumed contestants, who hit the stage to tease fans with tantalizing clues and sing their hearts out, but one of the newly introduced secret celebs had to say goodbye quickly, departing at the end of the hour.

The show brought Group D to the stage this week, which saw The Eagle, The Flower, The Penguin and The Fox all duke it out with their different performances.

After The Flower came out victorious in the first face off and The Fox walked away with the win during the second match up, it all came down to the Smackdown Round to see who'd be staying on the show, and who'd be getting the axe. The Eagle went first, but was immediately out-shined by The Penguin.

After the audience votes were tallied, The Penguin emerged victorious, sending The Eagle to the chopping block. Before he could reveal himself, however, the panelists had to make their final guesses. Robin Thicke guessed it was Adam Carolla, while Jenny McCarthy said she felt it was Howard Stern. Ken Jeong inexplicably thought it was Craig Ferguson, and Nicole Scherzinger guessed Jeff Foxworthy.

Finally, The Eagle removed his enormous, cumbersome mask and revealed his true self: Dr. Drew Pinsky!

The TV personality and famed addiction specialist couldn't believe how close Thicke came with his guess, considering Carolla co-hosted Loveline with Pinskey for years.

Pinsky also took Jeong to task for not identifying him after Jeong, a fellow medical doctor-turned-celeb, had filled in for Pinsky on Loveline numerous times! It's like Jeong's failure to guess Margaret Cho all over again!

While we had to say goodbye to The Eagle, this means we'll still get a chance to learn more clues, and hear more performances, from The Flower, The Penguin and Mr. Fox as the season progresses. 

Last week's exciting episode featured numbers from The Panda, The Flamingo, The Leopard and The Black Widow, who all belted out some iconic tunes and delivered some truly impressive performances.

After a hard-fought musical battle, fans had to bid farewell to The Panda, who removed her mask and revealed her true identity: undefeated boxing legend Laila Ali!

ET spoke with Ali the day after her big reveal on the show, and she opened up about why she chose to come on the show in the first place, without having much of a musical background.

"I’ve always had a secret passion for singing, not 100 percent confident in my voice, so this show gave me an opportunity just to be like, 'Wow, I get to live out that passion onstage without having to be shy because of who I am,'" Ali reflected. "That was all it comes down to. You can’t take the show too seriously of course. That’s what attracted me to it."

Check out the video below to hear more from Ali on what the experience was like singing inside a giant Panda costume in front of a theater filled with cheering fans.

The Masked Singerairs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.


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