The 'Southern Charm' Season 6 Reunion Trailer Is Here -- Watch! (Exclusive)

Naomie Olindo, Chelsea Meissner and Kathryn Dennis at the season six reunion for Bravo's 'Southern Charm.'

Plus, Chelsea Meissner breaks down everything to expect for the heated, two-part special.

The Southern Charm gang is anything but charming toward each other at the season six reunion -- and ET has your exclusive first look!

In the exclusive trailer, things get heated quickly for the Charmers, as Austen Kroll and his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Madison LeCroy, find themselves in the hot seat. Host Andy Cohen confronts them over the current state of their relationship (they might be "friends with benefits"), and the women go in on Madison for spreading that supposed lie about Shep Rose giving Danni Baird an STD. Danni goes so far as to call Madison "crazy" and "a disgusting person" before bursting into tears over the whole ordeal.

Austen takes his chance to flip the script, though, going in on Craig Conover’s alleged abuse of Adderall. He also appears to make claims against Kathryn Dennis’ sobriety, which Naomie Olindo also seemingly calls into question

"Don’t ever think for a f**king second that you’re going to come after me and my sobriety," Kathryn warns. "You better back the f**k up."

Watch the full sneak peek below, which also includes Naomie facing criticism about her relationship -- and a sweet moment with her ex, Craig:

"It’s a lot of people just calling people out on their bulls**t and not just letting things go," Chelsea Meissner tells ET of the reunion. "I feel like everyone just tried to hold people accountable for what they need to be held accountable for."

"Shep was trying to explain the way Madison handled things with him and with Danni, and Danni, obviously, had things to say to Madison... and Austen had things to say to everyone," she surmises. "They didn’t let things slide. It was like, no, we’re going to get to the bottom of this and whoever needs to apologize and all that needs to do it."

"A lot of the reunion is things that people let linger and they don’t handle it right then," she adds. "The reunions aren’t that hard for me, because I’ve already resolved those things."

Even so, Chelsea promises the two-part special will tie up any loose ends left over from the season, and answer all the fans' burning questions.

"Everything you think would happen, happens," she teases. "I think I’ve said my piece with everyone, I enjoyed my time. It’s a crazy bunch of kids, but we enjoy each other... most of the time."

Part one of the Southern Charm season six reunion premieres Wednesday, Aug. 21, at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. Part two airs Wednesday, Aug. 28.