'The Voice': Country Singer Carson Peters Gets a 4-Chair Turn -- But Is Blake Shelton a Sure Thing?

The young country singer wowed the coaches with his cover of Don Williams' 'Tulsa Time' -- but who will he pick?

When a young country star got a four-chair turn on The Voice, you know the competition was going to be fierce!

In Monday's Blind Auditions, 17-year-old Carson Peters wowed the coaches with his cover of Don Williams' "Tulsa Time," and the coaches prepared themselves for a battle with Blake Shelton to land the young singer from Piney Flats, Tennessee.

"I heard a lot of Oklahoma references in that song," John Legend began, noting that he was the first to turn his chair. "You might have an interest in being with a coach from that state..."

"Or from the better one below it," Texas native Kelly Clarkson chimed in.

Carson told the coaches that his biggest musical passion is bluegrass and he also plays the fiddle. "My chances are getting better and better," John joked. "I'm a very fiddle-friendly coach."

While first-time coach Ariana Grande has been the one to watch so far during the season 21 Blind Auditions, she seemed certain that she has no chance with Carson. 

"I have no one on my team that is a country artist, but I am well aware that is not what you're choosing," she told the young singer with a laugh. "So I'm just going to say that you're amazing."

When it comes to his turn, Blake actually decided to forgo his usual jokes and get down to business. "There's a lot of paths that you can take," he told Carson of his musical influences in the country and bluegrass genre. "What we gotta figure out is, which one best represents who you are. Let's not mess around with what this opportunity is for you."

Watch the full audition below:

Ultimately, Carson went with his roots and "based on the knowledge of the music," he decided to join Team Blake. 

"Hats off to John, Ariana and even Kelly, but what's sad and funny is the fact that they thought they had a chance," the country star gloated.

Blake's dominance with The Voice's country singers -- and his playful rivalry with Kelly -- led to a hilarious moment during Tuesday's Blinds, when Ariana and John decided to walk off stage when they couldn't get a word in between Blake and Kelly's bickering over country singer Lana Scott.

"Do you wanna get a snack, actually?" Ari asked John while Blake continued to wax poetic about his multiple Voice victories.

The pair headed backstage to munch on some popcorn before ultimately returning. "I feel like John and I are like parents on a vacation or a field trip," Ari mused. "And they're just like, fighting over toys and stuff."

See the fun moment in the video below. The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.